Author Testimonials

PageTurner adheres to the highest industry standards to bring about word class masterworks and exceptional author experience is always central to everything we do. Here’s what our clients have to say about their publishing journey:

Shortly after engaging the services of Page Turner Press and Media to do a revision of my book, The Emperor's Regret, a folktale, I knew I had made an excellent choice. Their team took a real interest in what my plans were for the book. The process began not long afterwards and I was kept abreast of the progress being made during it. Not only was the folktale given an attractive format, the incredible illustrations went far beyond my expectation. The entire process was completed when promised, and was truly a positive experience. I certainly would consider using their services again, and highly recommend them to other authors.

—Barbara A. Pierce author of the book "The Emperor’s Regret".

I have just received my new book and I am so thrilled to see the new-look of it. I can’t thank you all enough for your patience and attention to detail making my book look so professional and eye catching. It is all that I had hoped for and I now look forward to reaping the rewards of all yours and mine teamwork!

—Ellen Kay author of the book "A Tale of Four Tails".

I felt that Page Turner actually listened during the editing process and has resulted in a good product. In addition, I felt the new design cover really captured the flavor of the book. All in all, it was a good experience.

—Arthur Cantrell author of the book "Flight of the Valkyrie".

I really enjoy working with the staff at PageTurner, Press and Media. They took the time to go through the entire publishing process with me so that I knew exactly what they would do and what I had to do. Each person that I came in contact with treated me as an individual and not just a client and were eager to fulfill my request. I am very happy with the professional service that they have provided and look forward to working with them even more in the future."

—Vicky-Lyn Ashby author of the book “Colors of the Heart”.

My decision to publish children's books was a very difficult one. I realized I didn't know anything about publishing a book. My working experience was very different. When it came the time to find a publisher, it was a very scary, time consuming and expensive. I did however publish three children's books but was very unhappy regarding several issues with my previous publisher especially, because the price of the books was totally dictated by the publisher.

PageTurner, Press and Media contacted me regarding re-branding the three books I had published with a different publisher. I was informed that we could set a reasonable price for my books that I believed is essential in selling them. I felt my books had a special message that possibly would help children learn great lessons in sharing, bullying and never giving up when attempting to accomplish a goal. Also, perhaps they would enjoy reading them. I must admit I was very skeptical of what PageTurner was telling me because of what I had experienced with the publisher I initially was with.

PageTurner’s Account Executive has been the person who was dedicated as my contact. He has helped me step by step in re-publishing one of my books. He has been extremely helpful. Their Head of Production guided me throughout the submission process which has been my rock through this process. It was difficult in trusting these two people at first but, slowly I began to believe that Page Turner along with these two was the Publisher who could lead me through the publishing process even being the novice that I was. The one big thing I learned in publishing a book was the importance of finding a publishing company that you can trust. I believe PageTurner is that company!

—Patricia A. Thorpe author of the book, Harry the Hummingbird: "A Lesson Learned".

The so-called traditional route in publication involves finding or chancing upon a well established company willing to sponsor a writer’s work by bearing the cost of his or her living expenses, the printing and marketing of the work. This is the plan followed by university teachers for example. But the author who is also a prudent saver has another option for his or her consideration. This is the route of self publishing. In this case the author needs to find a publishing house with a reputation for good work, honesty and reasonable turn-around time. I am pleased to vouch for Page-Turner, Press and Media on all three of these characteristics. I must add that it has been a pleasure to deal with the company’s personnel during the publication of my book.

—Robert D, Finch, author of the book “Great Objectives”

My experience was very good with PageTurner, Press and Media. The production and support are very professional in the interactions we have had. I really like the design of the cover and the interior of La Aventura de Algodon de Azucar. I appreciate the ability to have unlimited revisions. It is not an easy book in that there is Spanish and English and a lot of minute details but they did all of the revisions. On the whole it was a very positive experience. I guess the real evidence will lie in the sales numbers! Thank you very much!

—Amba/ Tara Giri author of the book “ La Aventura de Algodon de Azucar”.

“If you look for a home look no further. I feel PageTurner and staff serve the best interest in meeting your needs. I feel right at home from the wonderful experience I received. I feel in my best interest they gear you in order to succeed. Look no further PageTurner, Press and Media provides exceptional service, to meet the growing demand of the author”.

—Mr. Jamel Gross author of the book “A Knight Without His Lovers”.

I am pleased with the way the pictures and other campus displays turned out. They are very distinct and sharp. The explanations describing the narratives, preface, Merrill Land Grant Acts, and Thurgood Marshall College Fund found in my booklet were met with satisfaction. Kudos should go to PageTurner, Press and Media and PageTurner’s group of outstanding assistants.

—Mr. Alphonso W. Knight Sr., author of the book " Historically Black Universities and Colleges”

“PageTurner has fulfilled and exceeded its commitment to me and my book, A Year in the Life of Dr. Fox. I particularly like their responsiveness and user friendly, considerate approach to self-publishing. I've used two other self-publishers and PageTurner has met my goals, concerns and desires by far the best. Its staff are friendly, appropriate, knowledgeable, and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other authors.”

—Frederick Malphurs , author of the book “A Year in the Life of Dr. Fox”.