PageTurner adheres to the highest industry standards to bring about world-class masterworks and exceptional author experience is always central to everything we do. Here’s what our clients have to say about their publishing journey:

Page Turner Press & Media has done an exemplary job in representing me as an author. Their work with the production studio has helped me reach people I would never be able to reach myself. They work to a timeline of publication, promotion, and exposure, so that I become known, and my work becomes known. My Author Adviser has represented me well and gives me feedback on progress almost daily. He is friendly and easy to work with. I appreciate his honesty and straightforward manner.

—Ronald Hera author of the book, ” Bethlehem’s Brothers and Jerusalem Brothers”.

This is my very first book, entitled The ABC’s of God, Nutrition, and Common Sense. I was with another publishing company, but the book just wasn’t selling—mainly because it wasn’t being marketed properly for the public to see. Now that I’m with PageTurner, Press and Media,  I believe I’m with the right publishing company to market my book. The book used to be in e-book format only, but Page Turner turned it into a real book! The outside cover looks fantastic! I would buy this book!! Thank you PageTurner, Press and Media for going the extra mile for me and for your kindness and your professionalism—a winning combination!

—Rick Crane author of the book, ” ABC’s of God, Nutrition, and Common Sense”.

PageTurner, Press and Media company is an easy and short task for me to share. The publisher has been nothing short of stellar in all aspects of our business contract. Everyone in the company has been very honest, dependable, accurate, and very concise in all of their prompt communications and actions. In part, I believe PageTurner, Press and Media is a nice breath of fresh air! I am very impressed. Perhaps you could write the manual on how a good business transaction should be presented and enacted! I cannot think of one negative experience in our business relationship, nor do I have any outstanding issues I’d like to address with PageTurner, Press and Media. Thank you so much you are outstanding!

—Craig Barr author of the book, “The Old Timers”.

Thank you, for this awesome, opportunity to be chosen as one of your authors, to be featured, by your company.  I am deeply grateful, for all PageTurner has done for me.   After dealing with other publishers. I found myself, feeling like I was in the middle of an ocean, with no paddle. I had just published my first book, GraceLin. Which I call it my heart book.  After spending thousands of dollars, getting it published. At the end of that  publishing process. I found myself with a box of ten books as promised by the company. The Company had got their thousands and I got my box of ten books. Then I never heard from them for months. Out in the middle of an ocean, with ten books and no paddle, is not the way to go.
       I was so lost in this world of publishing, getting your book out, who to turn to, who to trust.  I contacted many Publishing companies, because I also had completed my second book, GraceLin 2, “Conspiracies”.  I didn’t want to end up with spending thousands more, and just another box of ten books. Yet, still stuck out in the middle of an ocean, of thousands and thousands of books to be read, with no paddle. Desperately trying to find my way, I prayed for help and direction. The story usually was pretty much the same with most publisher’s. Give us your money and we will print your book. Even send you ten copies when done.  Many were calling me back, wanting me to go with them. Yet, there was never no direction. Only promises of a box of ten books.
     Then one fine day, I call it a God-Send. I get this call, from this sweet voice, representing PageTurner, Press and Media.  Pretty much discouraged with this whole process. God sent me my Author Adviser, with PageTurner.  She has spent many hours on the phone with me. She helped me work out a plan to promote my book.  PageTurner Press and Media, even re-printed my first book. With better quality paper and typesetting.  My Author Adviser, has stayed with me, every step of the way. I can honestly say. I would never be where I am if it wasn’t for Felicity and PageTurner Press and Media.
The Production Team, have just finished the artwork for my back cover for GraceLin 2, “Conspiracies”.  I sent him the concept I wanted, which included, aliens, werewolves, spaceships, etc.  What they came up with, was absolutely amazing.  Thanks to Page Turner Press and Media, my second book, GraceLin 2, “Conspiracies”, will be out in the first two weeks of October.  GraceLin 3, “The Awakening”, is already in the works, already on chapter thirteen.
     I have already introduced another author friend of mine to PageTurner.  They have already, helped him and his book, will also be coming out soon. His front and back covers were also amazing.  I have found my place in the publishing world and the ocean.  My  Adviser was my paddle.  She has been there for my every whim.  I Love her so much,  I am dedicating GraceLin 3, “The Awakening”, to her and PageTurner Press and Media.
 I want to personally thank PageTurner Press and Media, for the great opportunity you have given me, with your direction and service.  I promise, I will always do my best to make you proud of me, my writings, my books.  I thank God He led me to you. I truly believe. You are the best!  You all, have given me, so much hope. I couldn’t have done it without you! 

—Abba Lin author of the book, “GraceLin”.

Seek And Ye Shall Find

I was searching for a publishing company in which to publish all the poems that the Lord had blessed me with. As I searched the internet, I found a publishing company willing to publish my poems for the whole world to read them, which is PageTurner, Press, and Media. The staff of PageTurner, Press, and Media, was willing to publish them. Just let me say I was and still am so grateful for all of their help and continuous support. Without them, I would still be all alone with my poems. And in conclusion I would sincerely like to endorse PageTurner, Press, and Media to anyone is looking for a publishing company that is dedicated to assisting anyone seeking a to publish any type of book and help fulfill all of their visions and dreams. 

—Charles Hopson author of the book, “Spiritual Inspiration”.

I would like to share my experience with Page Turner Press and Media! I would say that it was a good experience. There was an open door to communicate back and forth to make adjustment concerning the publishing of the book. The book publish process was a good experience compare to the first time it was publish. It was beautifully done with a quick turn around to make the book available on the market! I would say that I would highly recommend this company for the publishing of your book!.

—Ricky D. Wilson author of the book, “The Boy Who Was Destined To Be A King”.

I’m an author of 4 books, Do You Believe Is It Real or Fiction, Scott Chally Believes! The Beeping Brothers Road To Success and Zamm Boola. I found publishing my book Zamm Boola at PageTurner, Press, and Media was the best thing that I have done. They’re very professional; they pay attention to detail; they are quick for the time of completion and cheap. I told them what I wanted for the cover of Zamm Boola to look like, and they nailed it. It was perfect very professional at designing it. I’m sure if there is a contest for covers it would take 1st place. I had the book edited, but I’m sure they can do it as well, but they did a fine job on formatting the book, it turned out great. They have so many expectations as a company to take you where you want to go. I also get 100% of royalty on books I sell. I had also paid a small price to see if my story can exceed in Hollywood which they know how to represent me as a professional team to get it marketed for a movie. I feel very good about PageTurner, Press, and Media making my dreams come true. I’m 48 years old have seven kids and live-in small-town Iowa. I’m a nobody, but I think PageTurner, Press, and Media will make me somebody. I suggest if anyone wants to succeed with their writing career at a reasonable price they should try to go with PageTurner, Press, and Media. I found that the Production Team was a major help in assuring my book was taken care of promptly and professionally. I also had my Author Advisor as a consultant that knew where I wanted to go with my book and took time to see what potential my book had to offer to get me signed up with the possibility of getting it turned into a movie. If I had any questions, PageTurner people had them answered in a timely manner, if not on the spot. I give the PageTurner team an A+ or a 5-star rating.

—Author Scott Chally author of the book, “Zamm Boola”.

Working with PageTurner Press and Media, so far, has been an excellent experience. I have no complaints as to how PageTurner has treated me. PageTurner really makes me feel like they want to publish my books, a re-branding they call it and let me give you an example; I submitted my original book done by another publisher and it sat there for four months with no one picking it , I resubmitted PageTurner’s re-branding of book and it was reviewed the very next day with a four star review! An absolutely true story.

—Linda P. Young author of the book, “The Backyard Adventures of Anna and Andy Hummingbird”.

I am happy I came to PageTurner, Press and Media. I appreciate the openness as far as costs and what I got for my the cost. I am appreciative for the patience and giving me options to pay for services. Staff are friendly and helpful and good communication skills The graphics were well done and per my recommendation. Pricing was market value. I would recommend PageTurner to authors.

—Linda Darlene Marie Sharpe author of the book “Journey of Two Souls [A Mother and Daughter Story] “.

A week ago PageTurner, Press and Media completed my book, “A Poet’s Love For Poetry”. I became an Author after many years. PageTurner, Press and Media and it’s wonderful Staff were a tremendous part in making my dream come true. They made me feel comfortable in every step along the way. Many questions I had, were answered with no hesitation. When it came to phone calls, no worry, they were with me, or when I left messages that got back to me right away. I must say to anyone who reads this Testimony of mine, no one put me up to this. I have always gave my opinion, good or bad to all companies that I have done business with in my past. PageTurner, Press and Media deserves to be given my applause. Thank you again PageTurner for all you have done for me and my Family.

—Michael DeTomasso author of the book “Michael’s Heart: A POET’S LOVE FOR POETRY”

I am overwhelmed at the team that I’ve had the privilege of working with at PageTurner, Press and Media. Not only have I felt support from each individual that has reached out to me; each team player have explained to me in detail what their role is in helping me publish my book and the process has been a success.

I have to admit; after my last experience with a Publishing Company, I almost placed a passion of mine on hold but, I thank God for allowing me to press pass my doubt in all Publishing Companies are alike, etc…so that I could trust that PageTurner, Press and Media would not disappoint me. I am not disappointed and I look forward to working with PageTurner in the future.

—Prophetess Ruth A. Chimney-Williams author of the book “Jewels”.

I thank PageTurner Press And Media for giving a “new life” to my book (CHARACTER BUILDING THROUGH CHRISTIAN EDUCATION FOR YOUTH), by republishing it.

Surely, right now I feel elated, humbly satisfied, and relieved, that my purpose for writing to or sending out a strong message to the youths and delinquent adults about their current spiritual and social problems, through the teachings of Jesus Christ and other spiritual stalwarts and righteous persons like me, have been achieved.

My book (Volume 1) is more affordable right now, and, with God’s blessings and grace, I hope it will touch the hearts and minds of .many wayward, delinquent, and rebellious youths and adults, as well as many Christian and social organisations.

I want to do the same with Volume 2 as soon as I can, realizing that the two books are meant to be a joint and complete package.

Once again, sincere thanks and blessings to the staff of Page Turner Press And Media. I greatly recommend them to other authors who encounter similar problems.

With “Seasons Greetings and God’s Blessings through Christ Jesus!”

— Culbert Delisle Blenman author of the book “Character Building through Christian Education for Youth”.

I am very proud of my book, Shadow Walker the Mystery of Pale Deer. Page Turner did me the favor of publishing a new book for me. Shadow Walker the Mystery of Pale Deer is the sequel of my first book Shadow Walker A Shadow of the Past. I am planning on having Shadow Walker A Shadow of the Past to be re branded through PageTurner, Press and Media at a later date.

I love the cover to my new book Shadow Walker the Mystery of Pale Deer. Page Turner took me through the publishing process of my book in a timely manner and I am very happy with the results. I am very pleased with PageTurner, Press and Media and my book.

—Gwen Williams author of the book “SHADOW WALKER : “The Mystery of Pale Deer”

I have been very pleased with the team at PageTurner Press and Media, who have patiently walked me through every step of putting my book “Saying thanks an beyond, Is Saying Thank You Enough?” in print. From the Senior Author Advisor to the production team and others who considered my wishes and made short work of completing a timely publication of the book. I have recommended you to other authors and thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

—Ralph Mosgrove author of the book “Saying thanks an beyond, Is Saying Thank You Enough?”

PageTurner, Press and Media has exceeded my expectations to date. I have enjoyed working with their team of professionals who demonstrate a hunger to change the world by promoting cutting edge content. Their remake of my book cover was a study in creativity and sophistication. My experience has been exciting and is only just beginning.They have my gratitude and respect.

—Percy Johnson author of the book “The Home Exorcist: Curse Breaking for the Home”

I am so happy to share this great accomplishment to all aspiring authors on how PageTurner Staff have given time, talents and knowledge to make this little book so pretty and very good. It is as good as any other books at the children’s section. It’s quality that will live on.

—Lois Lund author of the book “Baby Chick: An Easter Story”.

Anyone who is a “PAGETURNER” can’t wait to see what is going to happen next! Your company’s name stuck out to me like a NEON LIGHT. SUCCESS down the road!

—Dan Rasmussen Jr. author of the book “Wholesale Blood”.


I rate Page Turner, Press and Media in four areas:

    1. Divine Directive:

The re-publishing of my book entitled “God’s Trinity Demystified: The Veil Covering It Is Finally Removed” with Page Turner, Press and Media was divinely directed. Five publishers, of their own initiative, approached me to re-publish my with them, but God chose Page Turner.

    1. Friendly Atmosphere:

Every personnel of the company that I interacted with in the course of republishing the book sounded friendly and spoke with humility. These are rare traits out there.

    1. Product Quality:

Page Turner enhanced the quality of my book by fine cover design, galley arrangement, and fanciful choice of fonts.

    1. Reduced Price:

Despite the enhanced quality, the retail prices of both the e-book and paper cover went down by about 50%. I, therefore, expect improved sales.

Page Turner is God’s choice of company for me.

—Adeoye Adedeji David author of the book “God’s Trinity Demystified”.

Congratulations! I am very grateful to work with PageTurner, Press and Media. The working force of the teamwork makes the dream work for my particular book the Givers of Life. I want to thank all the staff of PageTurner, Press and Media for helping me get the ball rolling!

—Timothy David Persons author of the book “The Givers of Life; The Return of Christ”.

I had a beautiful experience working with PageTurner, Press and Media. Thank you very much for your time and effort.

—Isidro Duarte Oteron author of the book “UN LIBELO IMFAMATORIO”.

I have looked through the book, Hope of Glory, and am well satisfied with it. I like, particularly, the front cover; it catches potential readers’ eyes and makes them want to see what’s inside. And the back cover, with that eye peeking around the doorway; well . . . that, too, carries the book’s theme, suspicion, mystery, and suspense. The font is pleasing and its size makes Hope of Glory easy for older readers, readers who may have lived through some of the time of the story. I like the way the chapters begin, with the title to the left and the number to the upper right. So, thank y’all for what I see.

—Carolyn S McLendon author of the book “Hope Of Glory”.

Have published two books with PageTurner, Press and Media and working on the third. Process for galley production was expedited and smooth. They worked with me to layout the covers using my original artwork and the layout invoked the edgy dystopian feel of my series. They took the extra time to work with me to get the covers of the two re-releases right and impressed me with the cover layout for the new book in the series. Interior galleys were professionally formatted and corrections expedited. All in all the process, turnaround time and attention to detail has been great. Their art department was better than that of my previous experiences and they really took the time to understand my vision for my cyberpunk series. Great job!

—Natsuya Uesugi author of the book “grydscaen”.

I am grateful for PageTurner Press and Media. Thanks to them I will now have a chance of having a successful first book. They were really great! Their team of professionals have worked my book, worked hard and valued me not only as a first time writer, bur as a customer in need of their services. PageTurner Press and Media honor the contracts it sets with their witters and are flexible with payments for their services. They were not just after of the money, they focus more on the writer’s work and establishing good relationships. Thank you PageTurner Press and Media!

—Neccole McGee author of the book “Where is Mr. Bunny?”.

PageTurner, Press & Media was very helpful in dealing with my two novels. They edited the novels entitled, SIN OF AMBITION and DO NO HARM and designed a captivating and intriguing book cover for each. The staff was informative, honest, timely and kept me abreast of developments. In addition they respected my privacy.

My experience rating with PageTurner Press is a five star.

—Mary McNaughton author of the books “Do no Harm” and “Sin of Ambition”.

Page Turner is a very reliable publisher and has taken the time to add value to my book by making certain changes which make the book more attractive. They have also managed to lower the retail price making it more reasonable. I would recommend PageTurner, Press and Media for your publishing needs.

—Mr. Henry Walosik author of the books “My Dp Story” and “MON HISTOIRE PD (French Edition)”.

About eight years ago I self-published the first version of my sci-fi book, Cosmic Swan. I sold a few hundred copies. As time went on I realized that first version was only the first act of the bigger story. I got serious about extending the text because I like the story so much. PageTurner discovered that first version somewhere along the way and suggested by email that I might like to give them a chance to re-publish with support for distribution and publicity. I jumped at the chance because I knew I had a better and bigger story. Without the final draft ready, they encouraged and supported me in finishing the story. I didn’t finish on my original schedule, but they worked with me, were very patient, and helped get the covers done first. The covers turned out very well, are eye catching, and invite readers to take a look. I recently finished the final draft. They produced a high-quality book, fine chapter headings, and text layout. They are setting up publicity and links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I’m working on another book and look forward to working with them again.

—Bill Copeland author of the book “Cosmic Swan”.

To Writers, Readers and Interested Persons

I feel obliged to write this token of esteem and appreciation in respect to services received from what is now my favorite publishing house, PageTurner, Press and Media. Before proceeding to explain why I am proud to be associated as a client of the said company, allow me, please to introduce myself.

My name is Leyland King, a citizen of these United States of America. Over the past two years I have authored and successfully published three books. The first two were completed through every stage including marketing by a well-known business, which taught me the painful lesson on when to run from a publisher. The work was of low quality and the marketing outreach predatory. My third book, Poetry of Life, was contracted to PageTurner. I am pleased to present an unsolicited attestation, as to the very successful conclusion of our contract. From initial engagement I received due respect, advice and early compromises where necessary. The quality of editing, print and illustrations truly exceeded my expectations. I do not hesitate to commend the staff, particularly the printers, for their excellence in customer satisfaction.

—Leyland A. King author of the book “Poetry of Life: Lyrics, lines, and short stories”.

“Over recent years I have had association with a number of publishers/printers, all of whom have offered various levels of support for my writing, however none of whom have offered me the same sense of belonging and understanding as Page Turner staff have done with the updating and publication of my most recent two books – How we built the Gambia army and A Broken Man: The Rocky Shoals of Marriage, Remarriage and Divorce – I sincerely thank you for your commitment to date and look forward to a long and prosperous publishing career with you and your dedicated staff”.

—Trevor Stewart author of the books “How We Built the Gambia Army” and “A Broken Man”.

I am extremely impressed with the professionalism I have received from Page Turner, Press and Media. The rest of the staff have always gotten back to me in a timely fashion regarding the reproduction of my book. Everyone has been courteous and helpful with any questions I might have. This is the first time I have worked with an illustrator and the results are one of the best I have ever seen! I’m thrilled!

My Advisor has been very helpful with payment options as well . I am retired and sometimes funds are very tight. They have been supportive and outstanding in offering other alternatives to make the process run smoothly and effortlessly. I would not hesitate to refer PageTurner, Press and Media to anyone here in Canada who may be wanting to write a book and are looking for a good publishing house. Thank you for all that you have done (and continue to do) and I look forward to receiving the finished product and moving ahead with the marketing of my book. I can’t wait!

—Margaret Churchill author of the book “My Raccoon Family: Adventures in My Back Yard”.

My book was a great challenge to put together. It has many photographs, and they needed to be lined up just right. I appreciate the work and diligence of the PageTurner staff, not only patiently working with me as the author, but making sure that everything was done as I requested. I was very pleased with the final results. The cover looks great. And the listed price is much better than what other publishers have suggested. Thank you PageTurner staff for your work.

—Ron Vance author of the book “Bible Sticks an Unlikely Calling”.

I really appreciate not only the professionalism of PageTurner but also how the team worked to bring the production through within a possible short time.

—Alfred Prempeh Dapaah author of the book “Fear Not Only Believe”.

I have been impressed with the rapid and quality looks of the book covers and the set up for print. I have used another publisher in the past and did not receive the same personal contact or seeming openness I have experienced with Page Turner. I am looking forward with high hopes my dreams will not be let down.

—Dr. Edward Morse author of the book “Evolution: New Human Abilities: Blugee, Book 1 of 4”.

PageTurner, Press and Media’s help for me was totally amazing. Not only did they work on the cover of my book and gave it a totally amazing look they also went on the inside of it and did just as amazing with the pages as the they did for the cover. I do in time hope to get more of my poems published and I know right now the only ones I want to do that for me is your team of amazing people plus I love how understanding you all are with how tight money is for me being a single mom on ODSP and allow me to set how much I can pay each month and you’re still willing to go to the next step of publishing my book even though I have not finished paying the money. The other companies I went with would not do that until everything was paid in full which made stuff harder for me. I thank you all again for the amazing work and job you all have done to help me out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

—Ruth Jensen author of the book “Right from the Heart”.

I have had a very good experience with PageTurner, Press and Media. The general tone and helpfulness of all involved with me in achieving the final copy of my book has been exceptional. I never felt under any great pressure while getting the editing absolutely right through the changes and that was really helpful. I say thank you to all-involved so far.

—Jacqueline Wearing author of the book “Great’Ma”.

Shortly after engaging the services of Page Turner Press and Media to do a revision of my book, The Emperor’s Regret, a folktale, I knew I had made an excellent choice. Their team took a real interest in what my plans were for the book. The process began not long afterwards and I was kept abreast of the progress being made during it. Not only was the folktale given an attractive format, the incredible illustrations went far beyond my expectation. The entire process was completed when promised, and was truly a positive experience. I certainly would consider using their services again, and highly recommend them to other authors.

—Barbara A. Pierce author of the book “The Emperor’s Regret”.

I have just received my new book and I am so thrilled to see the new-look of it. I can’t thank you all enough for your patience and attention to detail making my book look so professional and eye catching. It is all that I had hoped for and I now look forward to reaping the rewards of all yours and mine teamwork!

—Ellen Kay author of the book “A Tale of Four Tails”.

I felt that Page Turner actually listened during the editing process and has resulted in a good product. In addition, I felt the new design cover really captured the flavor of the book. All in all, it was a good experience.

—Arthur Cantrell author of the book “Flight of the Valkyrie”.

I really enjoy working with the staff at PageTurner, Press and Media. They took the time to go through the entire publishing process with me so that I knew exactly what they would do and what I had to do. Each person that I came in contact with treated me as an individual and not just a client and were eager to fulfill my request. I am very happy with the professional service that they have provided and look forward to working with them even more in the future.”

—Vicky-Lyn Ashby author of the book “Colors of the Heart”.

My decision to publish children’s books was a very difficult one. I realized I didn’t know anything about publishing a book. My working experience was very different. When it came the time to find a publisher, it was a very scary, time consuming and expensive. I did however publish three children’s books but was very unhappy regarding several issues with my previous publisher especially, because the price of the books was totally dictated by the publisher.

PageTurner, Press and Media contacted me regarding re-branding the three books I had published with a different publisher. I was informed that we could set a reasonable price for my books that I believed is essential in selling them. I felt my books had a special message that possibly would help children learn great lessons in sharing, bullying and never giving up when attempting to accomplish a goal. Also, perhaps they would enjoy reading them. I must admit I was very skeptical of what PageTurner was telling me because of what I had experienced with the publisher I initially was with.

PageTurner’s Account Executive has been the person who was dedicated as my contact. He has helped me step by step in re-publishing one of my books. He has been extremely helpful. Their Head of Production guided me throughout the submission process which has been my rock through this process. It was difficult in trusting these two people at first but, slowly I began to believe that Page Turner along with these two was the Publisher who could lead me through the publishing process even being the novice that I was. The one big thing I learned in publishing a book was the importance of finding a publishing company that you can trust. I believe PageTurner is that company!

—Patricia A. Thorpe author of the book, Harry the Hummingbird: “A Lesson Learned”.

The so-called traditional route in publication involves finding or chancing upon a well established company willing to sponsor a writer’s work by bearing the cost of his or her living expenses, the printing and marketing of the work. This is the plan followed by university teachers for example. But the author who is also a prudent saver has another option for his or her consideration. This is the route of self publishing. In this case the author needs to find a publishing house with a reputation for good work, honesty and reasonable turn-around time. I am pleased to vouch for Page-Turner, Press and Media on all three of these characteristics. I must add that it has been a pleasure to deal with the company’s personnel during the publication of my book.

—Robert D, Finch, author of the book “Great Objectives”

My experience was very good with PageTurner, Press and Media. The production and support are very professional in the interactions we have had. I really like the design of the cover and the interior of La Aventura de Algodon de Azucar. I appreciate the ability to have unlimited revisions. It is not an easy book in that there is Spanish and English and a lot of minute details but they did all of the revisions. On the whole it was a very positive experience. I guess the real evidence will lie in the sales numbers! Thank you very much!

—Amba/ Tara Giri author of the book “ La Aventura de Algodon de Azucar”.

“If you look for a home look no further. I feel PageTurner and staff serve the best interest in meeting your needs. I feel right at home from the wonderful experience I received. I feel in my best interest they gear you in order to succeed. Look no further PageTurner, Press and Media provides exceptional service, to meet the growing demand of the author”.

—Mr. Jamel Gross author of the book “A Knight Without His Lovers”.

I am pleased with the way the pictures and other campus displays turned out. They are very distinct and sharp. The explanations describing the narratives, preface, Merrill Land Grant Acts, and Thurgood Marshall College Fund found in my booklet were met with satisfaction. Kudos should go to PageTurner, Press and Media and PageTurner’s group of outstanding assistants.

—Mr. Alphonso W. Knight Sr., author of the book ” Historically Black Universities and Colleges”

“PageTurner has fulfilled and exceeded its commitment to me and my book, A Year in the Life of Dr. Fox. I particularly like their responsiveness and user friendly, considerate approach to self-publishing. I’ve used two other self-publishers and PageTurner has met my goals, concerns and desires by far the best. Its staff are friendly, appropriate, knowledgeable, and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other authors.”

—Frederick Malphurs , author of the book “A Year in the Life of Dr. Fox”.



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