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Marshall Ginevan embodies the essence of a veteran through various stages of his life. His journey began with service in the air force, after completing his high school education. Following his discharge, he delved into law enforcement, serving in both federal and local agencies during the prime of his youth. Upon retiring from active service, he pursued aviation, eventually becoming a pilot and ultimately owning an aviation company. After retiring from airport management, he transitioned into a college teaching career before embarking on his writing endeavors, penning the series of action novels, collectively known as The Wrong Side. These captivating narratives, published by PageTurner Press and Media, explore how the badges of the main characters define their identities.

The Story of Mike Marshall

In The Wrong Side of Bravery, readers are introduced to Mike Marshall, the legacy of a marine officer who was killed in combat. Motivated by a desire to avenge his father's death, Mike volunteers for temporary deployment to Vietnam during his college break. With unwavering determination, he charges into battle, earning the moniker "Killer" from his superiors. Even after the war, Mike finds himself engaged in another conflict—this time against illegal substances—as he becomes an integral part of the DEA's war on drugs. However, his relentless pursuit of justice ultimately casts doubt on his integrity.

Judicial Representation

Marshall Ginevan's series provides readers with a unique perspective on the law, addressing the rampant corruption within and outside the judicial system. The Wrong Side of Bravery, while primarily focused on the development of Mike Marshall's character, sheds light on a flawed law enforcement system, illustrating how innocence or guilt is not always determined by facts and objectivity.

The Faces of War

Initially portraying the historical brutality of war, The Wrong Side of Bravery gradually shifts its focus to the contemporary landscape of conflict. As Mike Marshall transitions to the DEA, the narrative delves into the evolution of warfare, where traditional weapons are replaced by more insidious adversaries. This realization challenges Mike's perception of bravery and underscores the multifaceted nature of modern conflicts.

Parallels in Marshall Ginevan and Mike Marshall

Through the character of Mike Marshall, Ginevan offers a poignant reflection on the experiences of military veterans and their integration into civilian life. As the series progresses, Mike's journey unfolds, encompassing his relationships, professional endeavors, and personal growth.

The Wrong Side of Honor, The Wrong Side of the Badge, The Wrong Side of Justice, The Wrong Side of Loyalty, and The Wrong Side of Service constitute Marshall Ginevan’s narrative universe, offering readers a fresh perspective on the complexities of honor and duty. Explore these captivating titles at for a compelling exploration of the honorable uniform.



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