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Charles Feggans relates an incredible story of one man’s strength in his debut novel, Trapped by Impulsion, released by PageTurner Press and Media.

Based on a true story, Charles Feggans aims to illustrate how low a person’s life can sink before they are forced to regain control or risk losing everything. He stresses the importance of being true to oneself and resisting external pressures and persuasions that can easily destroy a life. He explores how our impulses can both protect and destroy us, serving as a double-edged sword.

Focused on the theme of drug involvement, Trapped by Impulsion offers a realistic portrayal of what happens to dealers, traffickers, and those who choose to associate with them.

The Relatable Struggle Between Right and Wrong

Jack Wilson is a deeply flawed yet relatable protagonist. His journey is marked by profound introspection and harrowing self-doubt, making him a character readers can both root for and reprimand.

Jack had a stable job in the engineering field until he was laid off. All he wanted was to provide for his family, a desire anyone can relate to. He then took a job as a baker in a correctional facility, which soon dragged him into a murky world when he was forced to run drugs for prison inmates. Jack found himself doing things he never imagined to survive, falling into a situation that could happen to anyone willing to compromise for a bit of extra money. Over time, he began to appreciate the benefits as his illegal activities allowed him to provide more than what his family needed. However, his growing comfort with crime eventually led to his arrest and imprisonment.

Masterful Storytelling of Human Struggles

Feggans crafts a tale that delves not only into external adversities but also the internal storms shaping our existence. A striking aspect of Feggans’s style is his ability to convey complex psychological states through simple yet powerful language. The dialogues are sharp and realistic, capturing the nuances of human interaction without descending into melodrama. His descriptions of Jack’s mental state are vivid and evocative, making readers feel the weight of his impulses. The narration captures Jack’s internal conflicts and the consequences of his actions, painting a realistic picture of how quickly one can spiral into criminal activities when faced with financial hardship.

On a final note, Charles Feggans imparts a crucial life lesson: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Don’t let anyone pressure or persuade you into destroying the rest of it.”

Trapped by Impulsion is more than just a psychological thriller; it is a profound exploration of the forces that drive us and the consequences of our actions. Charles Feggans has penned a narrative that is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining. For readers seeking a story that challenges and resonates with its nail-biting suspense, gripping action, and twisted mysteries, Trapped by Impulsion is a compelling read. Grab your copies at 

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