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A story’s escalating suspense from unresolved mysteries gives an audience an unsettling feeling, anticipating what lies around the corner.

Joining PageTurner Press and Media’s library of fiction books is G. R. Jerry’s Tom and Lovey series. It features a supernatural couple who are driven to overcome an ancient terror. From a small town setting in Tom and Lovey: Under the Moon into the Wood, the sequel’s first book, the second book Tom and Lovey: Pursuit of the Thunderbird switches back and forth in time—traversing multiple places.

In this article, we will follow the journey of an immortal preacher and a shape-shifting woman to confront the unknown. Continuing the sequel, G. R. Jerry has kept his readers intrigued with the book’s signature intertwined history and mythology.

More Mysteries Decoded, Suspense Continues

Tom and Lovey: Pursuit of the Thunderbird is a richly detailed odyssey of fantasy and horror. The degree of mystery and suspense from Tom and Lovey: Under the Moon into the Wood, the first book in the sequel, spiraled in this continuation of the series.

Enriching his novel series, G. R. Jerry introduced new characters and places in the second book, threading a diverse set of characters from different tribal backgrounds together. He created a deeper connection with the characters who were already introduced in the first book.

G. R. Jerry will not disappoint readers who jumped straight to turning the pages of the second book of the Tom and Lovey sequel. In fact, they will not have a hard time following the flow, according to a flood of readers’ reviews. This is for the very reason that the backstories of Tom and Lovey, a dynamic supernatural couple who will fascinate the readers in the way they protect each other, are available.

In Pursuit of the Thunderbird, as Tom and Lovey encounter their greatest nemesis, they find themselves trapped in a cycle of horror and death. This book is not an absolute dark fantasy, as some may immediately conclude. Time to time touches of humor helped lighten the mood of the novel.

Readers would definitely hope that the third book of the series is not too far off. Copies of the first and second books of the Tom and Lovey sequel by G. R. Jerry are available at

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