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A person’s life can be changed for the better. Bill Goss proves this true in his moving memoir Gifts from Jesus Christ. This inspiring book, published by PageTurner Press and Media, chronicles his journey from a difficult childhood to a winding career path to his problems with alcohol and eventually finding redemption through Jesus Christ.

With his candid storytelling, Goss reveals the transformative power of divine intervention along with his determination to change, guiding those struggling with addiction in the process.

A Glimpse of the Author’s Life and Career

The author grew up in a tumultuous home environment. He left high school and joined the USAF, where he obtained his high school diploma and was nominated to the Air Force Academy. Instead of accepting the nomination, he chose to stay and graduate from the University of Wisconsin.

As an officer, he later received an honorable discharge. He attended Kent College of Law and made history by having two legal briefs displayed in the Law Library. He also earned a master’s degree from Loyola University. However, his achievements were overshadowed by his battle with alcoholism, a battle that threatened to destroy everything he held dear.

Clear and Compelling Narrative

Bill Goss employs a simple and direct writing style, free of verbose statements, focusing instead on straight facts and heartfelt reflections. He captures the readers’ interest with relatable themes that include hard work, perseverance, drive, faith, recovery, and change.

Goss’s story underscores the importance of resilience and the transformative power of faith. His journey offers valuable lessons on how to overcome adversity and rebuild one’s life through dedication and spiritual guidance.

The Devastating Impact of Alcoholism

Alcoholism had a devastating impact on Bill Goss’s life. It led to numerous personal and professional troubles, straining relationships and nearly causing irreparable damage. He shares the grim reality of his struggles with alcohol and how it affected his behavior and decisions. 

The memoir doesn’t shy away from the harsh truths and paints a clear picture of how addiction can take over a person’s life, leading to destructive behaviors and significant life consequences.

Finding Redemption Through Faith

The turning point in his life came through his encounter with Jesus Christ, which eventually introduced him to the Twelve Step program, a comprehensive spiritual approach that fosters a lifestyle of faithfulness. Goss explains how this program, when followed diligently, can lead to lasting sobriety. 

He found solace and strength in faith and the supportive community of Alcoholics Anonymous, where he experienced profound personal growth and healing. This showcases the power of spiritual commitment in overcoming addiction.


Gifts from Jesus Christ is a testament to Bill Goss’s faith journey and recovery from alcoholism. His life story is filled with challenges, divine interventions, and significant achievements that will resonate with most readers. The book not only documents his struggles and triumphs but also serves as an inspiration for others facing similar challenges. 

By sharing his experiences, Goss offers a powerful message of redemption and the potential for change through faith and hard work. This book is a must-read for anyone struggling with addiction or seeking inspiration for personal transformation. To get a copy, place an order today at

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