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Do you ever feel like you’re on the wrong path, even if it seems that you have everything going for you? In L.B. Robbins’s novella, The Consultant in Sea Isle City, Terry Willoughby finds herself in exactly that situation.

Despite a promising career and an upcoming marriage, a chance encounter leads Terry to question everything she had thought she wanted.

Published by PageTurner Press and Media, the book combines elements of mystery, romance, and self-discovery that would appeal to many readers. Continue reading to uncover the major themes and plot points of Robbins’s short story.

New Life, New Challenges

Terry is a skilled computer programmer working in New York City. While successful in her field, she somehow feels dissatisfied with her life. A spontaneous detour on a trip home from Cape May throws her world upside down. Drawn to a rundown Victorian house, she makes an impulsive decision to buy it—a move that throws her relationship with her fiancé, Stephen, into jeopardy.

Undeterred, Terry embraces her new life in the slow-paced but quirky seaside town of Sea Isle City. While renovating her new home, she also needs to find work and navigate the complexities of small-town life. One challenge comes in the form of a critical programming issue that threatens a local company’s future. Here, Terry’s resourcefulness and expertise shine as she tackles the problem head-on.

Beyond the Programming Snag

The programming issue is just one of the “evils” Terry encounters. The novella hints at a deeper mystery lurking beneath the surface of Sea Isle City. This adds a layer of intrigue to the story, which excites readers to know more about the town’s secrets and their connection to Terry’s new life.

A Story of Self-Discovery

At its core, The Consultant in Sea Isle City is a heartwarming story of self-discovery. Terry’s impulsive decision becomes a catalyst for a journey of self-reflection. She learns to embrace the unexpected and finds a sense of belonging in her new community. The story is filled with relatable characters, each with their own quirks. This contributes to the depth and humor of the narrative.

Romance with a Twist

The novella also features a heartwarming love story. While Terry’s relationship with Stephen seems perfect on paper, the distance created by her move forces them to re-evaluate their connection. As Terry navigates her new life, the possibility of new love emerges, adding a delightful twist to the story.

A Slice-of-Life Adventure

The Consultant in Sea Isle City is more than just a romance or a mystery. It’s a slice-of-life story that reminds us that life is full of surprises. It’s a story that will resonate with anyone who has dared to take a leap of faith and pursue their dreams, even if it means taking a “wrong turn” along the way. The book is perfect for readers who enjoy character-driven narratives with a touch of mystery and a dash of romance.


If you’re looking for a quick and engaging read that explores themes of self-discovery, new beginnings, and the power of taking chances, then The Consultant in Sea Isle City is definitely worth checking out. Visit to get a copy of this book.

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