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Many are the audiences of horror stories where the genre has evolved into horror-mysteries, horror-thrillers, and paranormal-horror stories that appease the growing thirsts of the market. Horror novels are often most successful when they have the right blend of grotesque characters with cannibalistic tendencies, a remote setting, and a mysterious, evil antagonist. This blend is exactly what G. R. Jerry has written with his novel, Tom and Lovey: Under the Moon into the Wood. Published as the first book to a duology, Tom and Lovey I features all the elements of a successful horror story plus more that the readers can devour.

Tom and Lovey is published under PageTurner Press and Media and features the titular characters Tom and Lovey as the protagonists in the story. The plot of the story revolves around the mysterious disappearance of Lovey’s husband, Bill, and the involvement of the sheriff in the lives of the residents in the Village of Wrong. A subplot of the story revolves around the appearance of a young clergyman called Tom.

The Mysterious Village of Wrong

The remote county of Wrong is bordered by thick woods concealing a stream, and nestled beneath it is the Village of Wrong, where it is wrong to harm woodland creatures. As far as settings for horror stories go, readers will automatically be able to detect a sinister tone about the Village of Wrong. As readers progress with the novel, they slowly feel a sense of someone who has made a wrong turn and is trapped in an unknown place surrounded by people who are not quite human. There is a sense of uncertainty, fear, and evil in the setting, and it is brilliantly positioned by the author for maximum horror.

Tom and Lovey

Under the Moon into the Wood sets the precedent of Tom and Lovey’s relationship as they discover and conquer the evil Stargut. Their dynamics set the tone for bigger challenges and harder odds, which are present in the sequel. Lovey’s ability to avenge her husband’s disappearance almost hinged on Tom and his ability to identify the evil that permeated the village. As central characters, Tom and Lovey are also the most developed characters in the novel, being imperfect protagonists who must also face their own demons.

Tom and Lovey I will definitely keep readers at the edge of their seats. With plotlines that nobody could ever predict and a constant atmosphere of gloom and doom, this book is a certified page-turner sprung from the deep imaginations of G. R. Jerry and published by PageTurner Press and Media. Titles by G. R. Jerry are available at

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