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Assisted and hospice care are subjects that rarely grace the covers of contemporary readers’ shelves. But there is one resource that provides an invaluable and, perhaps, fascinating look into the intricate operations of modern-day nursing homes. Peter D. Busacca's non-fiction book, How a Nursing Home Works is, above-all, a comprehensive guide into each aspect of a nursing home, yet beneath the facts and information is also an author’s desire to share the assurance that anyone faced with the subject will be equipped with a deep understanding of just how a nursing home works. This PageTurner Press and Media published book is a must-read for prospective residents, concerned family members, or aspiring nursing home professionals, even for general readers who are curious about the field.

Comprehensive Coverage of Nursing Home Operations

Busacca, a licensed Nursing Home Administrator, brings his extensive knowledge, educational accomplishments, and experience to the forefront, detailing every aspect of nursing home management with clarity and precision. The book starts by examining the role of the administrator, who is crucial in overseeing the financial, material, and human resources of the facility. The administrator’s duties encompass managing budgets, ensuring compliance with regulations, and maintaining harmony between union and non-union workers.

Insight into Various Departments

Each chapter delves into the various departments that keep a nursing home running smoothly. Readers are introduced to the nursing department, nutritional services, housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, safety, and more. Busacca emphasizes that every role, from the medical staff to the social workers, plays a vital part in providing quality care. The book also covers the roles of ancillary services such as pharmacy, social services, and different forms of rehabilitation, highlighting their importance in the holistic care of residents.

Accessible and Engaging Writing Style

More than the subject of the book, readers may be drawn to Busacca’s ability to present complex information in an accessible manner. He writes with confidence and empathy, making the narrative both informative and engaging. He avoids a clinical tone, instead opting for a reassuring and straightforward style that will comfort readers who may feel overwhelmed by the complexities of nursing home care.

Practical Tips and Insights

In How a Nursing Home Works, Busacca doesn't just describe the operations; he also offers insights and suggestions for improving nursing home management. For example, he advises that the lowest-priced item isn't always the best choice, highlighting the importance of quality over cost in purchasing decisions. These practical tips are woven throughout the book, providing additional value to readers.

Relevance for Families and Professionals

The book’s relevance extends beyond just those directly involved with nursing homes. It serves as an essential resource for families considering nursing home care for their loved ones, offering a transparent view of what to expect. It is equally beneficial for those looking to pursue a career in this field, giving them a detailed overview of the various roles and responsibilities within a nursing home.

Real-World Context and Historical Insight

Busacca also touches on the historical and social aspects of nursing homes, using the example of TownHouse Extended Care to illustrate his points. This real-world context helps ground the theoretical information in practical, relatable scenarios.


In summary, How a Nursing Home Works by Peter D. Busacca is an enlightening and essential read for anyone connected to or interested in the field of nursing home care. Its comprehensive coverage, accessible language, and insightful commentary make it a standout guidebook. Whether you are a family member seeking the best care for a loved one or a professional aiming to enhance your understanding of nursing home operations, this book provides the knowledge and reassurance you need. Dive into this informative journey and discover the dedication and complexity involved in ensuring quality care for nursing home residents through

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