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Don Feeney's Gathering No Moss: Memoir of a Reluctant World Traveler is no ordinary memoir. It is a detailed account of the author’s life—starting from his childhood days to a globe-trotting military career, where he spent three decades and traveled six continents.

Apart from the stories of his travels, Feeney also recalls a lifetime of learning and looking for love in this inspiring memoir. Published by PageTurner Press and Media, it reads like a friend’s exciting tale of adventure, filled with vivid details and heartwarming moments. Read on to learn more about the author and see why his story is worth the read.

The Author

Feeney grew up in a working-class neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the 1960s. Despite facing economic hardship, he had a happy and adventurous childhood filled with friends and street games. He took pride in being a “Feeney kid” because of the sense of autonomy that his parents afforded him.

A former US diplomat and air force commander, Feeney is now semi-retired. He teaches part-time in graduate school and lives in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida, with his wife Andi and a cat named Kismet. He is a reluctant adventurer, a man propelled by a restless spirit and a deep-seated search for meaning, spirituality, and love.

The Unexpected Career Change

In his early career, Feeney sold paintings on street corners, worked in a factory, and got into other odd jobs to survive. But a single event that involved his then-soon-to-be ex-wife changed the course of his life. It led him to the air force. This was a defining moment that opened doors to travel, love, and a fulfilling career that exceeded his wildest dreams. The book’s engaging and self-effacing prose chronicles his three decades in the military and diplomatic world.

The Loneliness of the Road

Despite his extensive travel experiences, the author confesses to being a reluctant adventurer. This internal conflict surfaces as he struggles with the loneliness that constantly accompanies him on his journeys. One of the common causes is the difficulty of building a lasting connection on the road.

Feeney's honesty about this hardship adds a layer of vulnerability to his story, which makes it all the more relatable. It eliminates the idea of a perfect, appealing adventurer's life and reminds us that even the most exciting journeys are not without their challenges. This vulnerability fosters a deeper connection with the reader, as we see Feeney not just as an explorer but as a human being struggling with the complexities of life on the move.

Embracing Life’s Temporary Moments

Feeney's story isn’t all sunshine. It openly shows the challenges of his wife’s health and uncooperative colleagues. Yet his travels to breathtaking sceneries and impactful work achievements paint a vibrant picture.

Even amidst setbacks, his narrative seeks the bright side of things, making the journey through hardships surprisingly uplifting. He emphasizes that even fleeting experiences and connections hold value. This leaves readers with a strong sense that embracing life's temporary moments brings its own kind of fulfillment.


Whether you have a military background or not, Feeney's story resonates with readers from different walks of life because of its honest display not just of triumphs but also of human vulnerabilities and failures. It offers a rollercoaster of emotions that make one laugh, cry, and reflect as they go along the story.

Collectively, Feeney simply wants us to embrace our life’s unique journey. Ready to be inspired? Get started reading Gathering No Moss: Memoir of a Reluctant World Traveler today available at

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