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R. Duncan Wallace, MD, is a distinguished psychiatrist with over fifty years of experience in the field. Throughout his illustrious career, he has dedicated himself to his practice, specializing in alleviating mental pressures and promoting emotional well-being. His commitment to providing comprehensive care is underscored by his tenure as the medical director of eight psychiatric hospitals and eleven in-patient programs, where he has tirelessly worked to support individuals struggling with mental health issues. Additionally, Dr. Wallace has held the esteemed position of president of the Utah Psychiatric Association.

Most significantly, over the course of his accomplished career, Dr. Wallace has amassed a wealth of insights that have empowered his patients to overcome their obstacles. These insights are encapsulated in his published book, The Book of Psychological Truths: A Psychiatrist’s Guide to Really Good Thinking for Really Great Living, where he shares his profound understanding of the human psyche and offers practical guidance for navigating life's challenges.

Understanding the Truth: Insights from Dr. Wallace

Psychological truths, as coined by Dr. Wallace, are unifying features that govern the functioning of the mind. These universal patterns, observed in individuals from all walks of life, offer practical guidance for navigating life's challenges with clarity and ease. These truths are verifiable patterns that lead to optimal functioning and alignment with reality. By embracing these truths, individuals can achieve mental clarity, transform emotional pain into growth opportunities, and take charge of their psychological well-being.

Furthermore, these truths possess a remarkable capacity for continuous growth and development, enhancing individuals' life-handling capabilities and offering solutions to uncertainties and anxieties encountered in life. Dr. Wallace's journey of discovery underscores the timeless relevance and utility of these truths, shaping societal thinking and educational systems.

The Good Doctor’s Strategies for Healing

In The Book of Psychological Truths, Dr. Wallace presents a structured approach to healing, divided into seven sections, each addressing specific mental capacities and offering strategies for overcoming them. For instance, section 1 focuses on removing mental pressure and pain while strengthening self-power.

This systematic categorization empowers readers to create a mental checklist of capacities to overcome. By the book's conclusion, readers feel a sense of accomplishment and growth, having learned Dr. Wallace's truths through vivid examples, situational narrations, and detailed descriptions.

Dr. Wallace's holistic approach provides readers with practical tools for navigating life's challenges and fostering personal development. Through his strategies, readers can cultivate resilience, enhance self-awareness, and achieve emotional well-being.

Moving Forward

In The Book of Psychological Truths, Dr. Wallace adopts a personal and empathetic approach to addressing readers, inviting them to embark on a journey of self-exploration and growth. He shares his own experiences of facing uncertainties, illustrating how confronting these challenges has expanded his repertoire of life-handling abilities.

Furthermore, Dr. Wallace extends a compassionate hand to readers who may be grappling with psychological and emotional pains that hinder their progress. By encouraging readers to understand the nature of their pain and release its grip, he empowers them to gain new insights and move beyond their obstacles.

Throughout the book, Dr. Wallace offers a plethora of constructive strategies for overcoming obstacles and navigating life's complexities. These approaches encourage readers to shift their focus from the limitations imposed by problems to how they understand and perceive these challenges, fostering a mindset of resilience and growth.

By embracing Dr. Wallace's wisdom and guidance, readers can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

The Book of Psychological Truths serves as a beacon of hope and enlightenment, illuminating the path toward emotional well-being and personal fulfillment. For those seeking further guidance on managing stress, readers may also consider Dr. Wallace's companion book, The Great Little Book of Stress Release. Both of these invaluable resources are readily available at, offering readers the opportunity to delve deeper into Dr. Wallace's insights and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.


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