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Gina Sano excites kids and kids at heart with the majestic, enchanted world she has crafted in The Magical Eggs on Dragon’s Lair. This storybook is part of the wide selection of children’s picture and fantasy books of PageTurner Press and Media. Though this entertaining and whimsical work of fiction appears to attract a young audience, the story is ideal for readers of all ages.

The Road to an Enchanting Holiday for Adam and Evette

In a town called Southville, located on a faraway island, lived the Smith family—whose children are twins named Adam and Evette. They are known as a mischievous pair.

During the school holidays, when both of their parents are at work, they are taken to their grandparents’ coastal house on the other side of their island. Adam and Evette do not always like going to their grandparents’ home because there isn’t much to do. They are easily bored. Daytime television shows the same cartoons every school holiday and there are no computer games.

But during one of the holidays, their grandfather takes them to the beach to watch a few ferries come and go and for a long walk, which leads to a lake. In the middle of the lake rested a large island called Dragon’s Lair, where dragons were said to have inhabited. From there, Grandpa Steve tells them the story of how the place got its name. This is when the twins’ curiosity about the credibility of the legend began.

The Twins Search the Island’s Beach Caves

The twins’ interest was at its peak. Whenever Adam and Evette were on their diamond-shaped island, they searched for beach caves. When they are at their grandparents’ home, they would sneak away to verify the existence of dragons in the past and the story of the dragon that protects the secrets of the cave, as the legend says. And they explored each cave they found. The twins were thrilled by the adventures that came with their investigations, which also brought them trouble.

The story’s setting creates the element of adventure that children love. The innate curiosity of Adam and Evette is an irresistible characteristic common in children. They themselves were fascinated by their escapades. One cannot help but hope for a great adventure for them.

One can also create a boundless imagination when reading The Magical Eggs on Dragon’s Lair. Sano effortlessly transports readers to a land brimming with magic, mystery, and the promise of adventure through her very easy-to-read storyline and richly drawn characters. She built up the mysteries of the caves perfectly. With the help of the book’s delightful illustrations depicting the different scenes and objects in the story, this is an epic fantasy treat for everyone!

Who can bid farewell to the enchanting world in The Magical Eggs on Dragon’s Lair? Young story lovers may find it difficult. The good thing is you can give them access to this story when you order a copy of this children’s picture book at

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