15 Minutes and Before 15 Minutes

by: Linda Young



About the author
Linda P. Young is a children’s picture book author who has written 13 books, 10 of them being a series entitled “The Backyard Adventures of Anna and Andy Hummingbird 1 – 10”. She loves writing children’s books and has another one in the beginning stages now, So look out for that! Writing a book for adult reading was a real challenge for her to do. However, just like always she doesn’t disappoint. Linda still has placed the same dedication, explicitness and tenacity in this book to which you would surely enjoy and be in awe.

Having lived in Las Vegas for 22 years, she has grown to love the wonderful weather and environment. Linda Young is an entrepreneur who owns and runs a sign business. When not busy writing books, she puts in her time doing crafts, making wind chimes, jewelry and many other things.

About the book
So you would like me to tell you what these stories are all about? Well, in keeping with the true nature of these stories, I CANNOT! Some of the comments I receive are: OMG!, You are one sick puppy!, What an ending, it was not what I expected!, I was half way through the first story and I still could not figure out what was going on!, WOW!, Holy smokes Linda you are a children’s picture book writer!, That story and ending crushed it! and so on. So if you like horror, macabre, murder and something a little different than the norm…..you should like it.

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Linda Young


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