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500 Stanzas of Motivation and Inspiration: A Book of Poetry

500 Stanzas of Motivation and Inspiration: A Book of Poetry

by Lumarvens Alexander

About The Book

Being given a beautiful unique name like Lumarvens, it was only right that I add a definition and meaning to it. I’m a young poet, intellectual and multitalented explorer. I was born different; I always felt like an outsider growing up, but I never cease looking to find answers to my existence. Having gone through the things I’ve been through, I can proudly say that the struggle has made me stronger and wiser. My background is so diverse, I done lived many lives, performed many good deeds, learned a lot of lessons from my mistakes and failures, and also gained a lot of life experience. I don’t try to compete; I create and promote individuality. The poems and stories I write, are not only my experiences. I communicate a lot with individuals and I’m able to combine mutual thoughts, feelings, and realities into one piece of work so that everyone can picture themselves between the words. I want readers to get a feeling as if they wrote it, or someone has written their story. The underlying goal is for people to have fun reading my book, the same way I had fun writing it. If you do find useful tips and advice from it, I’m thankful that I made a bit of difference in your life and I will never stop thanking you for supporting me.
ISBN 978-1-64376-546-4 (Paperback)
978-1-64376-545-7 (E-BOOK)
Pages 276 pages


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