500 Stanzas of Motivation and Inspiration: A Book of Poetry

by Lumarvens Alexander

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About the author
My book, 500 Stanzas of Motivation and Inspiration, is one of my best and greatest projects ever. I started writing poems down over a period of five years. Within these pages you can find content of motivational, inspirational and enlightening nature that touches upon success, strength, courage, confidence, happiness, goals, achievement, overcoming adversity, positive thinking, hard work, meaning of life, passion, determination, discipline, focus, self-empowerment, greatness, love, faith and more! I want you to think about a challenge you have in your life right now. What is in your way? Have you been
evading the solution? What do you need to move on to the next step? These are some of the best poems and messages about life and success that will help boost your confidence & uplift your spirit to believe in yourself, stay positive, keep going, and never give up. I’ve put myself into the shoes of many individuals and have felt many emotions for the completion of this book. I put a lot of emphasis on motivation and inspiration because I’m centered on growth; a part of growth is fun and happiness. I just love to entertain, encourage and inspire people, not to be like me, but to be the best version of themselves. I really enjoy putting concepts together in a more digestible sense for people to better understand; I experience great joy from reading my own work, and since other people enjoy it as well, then it is a win-win and I am deeply honored and will continue working in your favor.

About the book
Being given a beautiful unique name like Lumarvens, it was only right that I add a definition and meaning to it. I’m a young poet, intellectual and multitalented explorer. I was born different; I always felt like an outsider growing up, but I never cease looking to find answers to my existence. Having gone through the things I’ve been through, I can proudly say that the struggle has made me stronger and wiser. My background is so diverse, I done lived many lives, performed many good deeds, learned a lot of lessons from my mistakes and failures, and also gained a lot of life experience. I don’t try to compete; I create and promote individuality. The poems and stories I write, are not only my experiences. I communicate a lot with individuals and I’m able to combine mutual thoughts, feelings, and realities into one piece of work so that everyone can picture themselves between the words. I want readers to get a
feeling as if they wrote it, or someone has written their story. The underlying goal is for people to have fun reading my book, the same way I had fun writing it. If you do find useful tips and advice from it, I’m thankful that I made a bit of difference in your life and I will never stop thanking you for supporting me.

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Author's Name

Lumarvens Alexander

Publication Date

November 21, 2019




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