A Heart Divided: A Young Soldier’s Memoir

by Tye Po Bludd



About the author

Ty Poe Bludd is a retired Master Sergeant who served as a Helicopter mechanic on H-3 “Jolly Green Giant”, H-53 “Super Jolly” helicopters, and was a Flying Crew Chief on MH-53 Pave-Low helicopters. Many of the sensations he experienced during scary situations were drawn upon to add a personal level of realism to James’ descriptions of the terror he sometimes had to endure.

The author has a degree in history, and he deeply researched the Civil War to ensure the places and events are described as accurately as can be determined. As it often is with momentous events, accounts from the Civil War differ, sometimes massively, and a lot of data must be sorted through to determine what most likely really occurred. To this day people still argue over minor aspects of large battles, so the author takes comfort in the knowledge every bit of this book could have happened, even if some of it never did.

About the book
An American Civil War story about a fourteen year old named James Breckinridge who joins the Confederacy, and then makes the mistake of bringing along one of his slaves – a slave he grew up with who also happens to be his friend.

The soldiers around him think he’s too chummy with this slave, so they don’t trust him, and things get so bad James eventually ends up joining the Union side.

No surprise, he isn’t fully trusted there, either.

James will do a great deal of fighting, much of it incredibly brutal, but he won’t be alone. The reader will experience all the terror, gore and heartbreak, described in disturbingly realistic detail, right along with him.

Just as it was in real life, the violence grows increasingly more intense as the war progresses.

Unlike a history book, no lengthy descriptions of all the regiments involved or the various strategies the generals employed are provided. Each battle is described strictly from the viewpoint of one soldier, James Breckinridge, and the vast majority of what he describes actually happened. Through this process, the reader will develop a much clearer understanding of what the individual soldiers went through, and why the American Civil War had to be fought.

Oh yeah, they’ll also get a pretty good seat on a rather entertaining ride.

Additional information

Author's Name

Tye Po Bludd

Publication Date

November 21, 2019






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