A Stroke of Courage

by Sandra Burkitt

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About the book
This is the story about Gillian, a talented, timid, twelve-year-old and the relationship she has with her pesky little brother whom she discovers she actually loves; her friends Marla and Danny who enlarge her concept of friendship; her parents who teach her that some can only love on their own terms and no other; and Aunt Sully who shows her that love sometimes bring tears but more often brings great joy.

Gillian is a competitive diver and from the beginning, at the age of nine, an elderly lady had watched her and noticing that there was never anyone waiting for Gillian she stepped up and became, for Gillian, Aunt Sully. Aunt Sully becomes her supporter, her motivator, her cheerleader of cheerleaders. Until that is, something happened. Something happened at the mall. Then something else happened—–something at the pool. And that was it. Gillian was done in. Until that is, something else happened, at another place, at another time. But was it enough? Would it ever be enough?

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Author's Name

Sandra Burkitt

Publication Date

April 27, 2021






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