A Tale of Four Tails

by: Ellen Kay

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About the author
“Originally born in war-torn London, 1944. Ellen Kay was evacuated, with her parents, to live in the country in the beautiful county of Dorset, England. There they stayed and the family of three grew to a family of five and settled in to a new home.

Ellen was a lonely child who studied hard with her schooling and spent most of her free time helping at home or roaming the countryside with her dog, learning about nature and growing to love it deeply. This love for nature of all kinds has stayed with her all her life, and at the present days ,now in her seventies, Ellen still lives in the country, although a long way from home, her daily spells of homesickness is mellowed by her loving pets and well tended garden.”

About the book
“These are stories of the adventure of four little kittens, brought together to grow up in a beautiful country house, and the fun they all had while living there and growing up together.

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Author's Name

Ellen Kay

Publication Date

February 8, 2018






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