A Very Big and Fluffy Cloud

by: Zuleika Ellis

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About the author
I am a professional working mother of two amazing children. For the past few years I have been invloved with exciting work and job endeavors to include Spanish language instruction, yet no single assignment has been as rewarding as the one labeled “mom”.

Writing children’s books is more than a dream. As a busy mother that believes in teaching reading habits, it is my goal to write fun filled stories that are enjoyable and also hold lessons that children can use for years to come.

As a Texas resident, I have come to appreciate the big blue skies and I have incorporated it into the story I share in my first book: “A very big and fluffy cloud.”

About the book
A Very Big and Fluffy Cloud is a story of a brother and sister who wake up excited to the enjoy a planned fun day but quickly become sad when they look out the window and see a dark cloud forming above their home Their mother assures them fun is not decided by the rain.

After rain stopped, brother and sister used their imagination to play the cloud game and now look at fluffy clouds differently.

Additional information

Author's Name

Zuleika Ellis

Publication Date

August 13, 2019




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