A Word from “Brother” Jeanne

by: Jeanne Webb Davis

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About the author
Jeanne Davis has been a musician for over fifty years, teaching, playing the organ and directing choirs. At the age of fifty-five, she became a Methodist minister in Dallas, Texas. She found her voice in the pulpit as a preacher. She is a widow with two adult children, a grandchild, and a great-grandchild.

About the book
The word that Brother Jeanne brings is simple, sometimes humorous, and very insightful. These autobiographical essays started as a column for a church newspaper. The column was well received, with many looking forward to seeing what Brother Jeanne would say next. Some of the issues Jeanne addresses are: How do you find hope for joy and peace when the world around you is so chaotic? How can you live with God’s presence filling your life in this dark, depressing world? How can you trust that God is real, when skeptics are everywhere? How can the church make any real difference in the world? How can a Christian always act with love and kindness in the midst of meanness? How does God’s grace touch our lives? How do we find time for God when we are so busy? With humor and a very mature wisdom Jeanne attempts to answer these questions in her essays. She also employs preacher stories from her husband, David Davis, and her father, Lance Webb. You can find hope in this straightforward read. You can be touched and engaged and even entertained as you see the word that Brother Jeanne has to say!

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Author's Name

Jeanne Webb Davis

Publication Date

February 8, 2019








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