After This

by Dr. Cliff Self

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About the book
A Son’s Battle

Even with drugs I couldn’t accept myself. The deep pain and shame of the closet was killing me. I cried out to God in silent desperation: “Help me, help me!”

A Mother’s Love

I couldn’t believe I had missed my son’s torturing pain. I didn’t care what anybody said about homosexuality. My son was hurting and I was going to find help.

A Sister’s Support

I didn’t know how I would do it but, I would keep Scott’s secret until he was ready to come out.

A Father’s Wisdom

Do you recall being in your mother’s womb? No, you don’t recall being in your mother’s womb but through a traumatic event called birth you were thrust into a new world and the knowledge you had in the womb wasn’t sufficient for you to thrive in your new world. After this event of birth your world changed and there was no going back to what life used to be. Birth teaches us that life does not allow us to take “know “for the answer. If we can’t see beyond our “knows,“ our life will never improve. New knowledge must be acquired. After leaving your mother’s womb you had to learn to crawl and walk and talk and eat etc. or you would die prematurely in your new world.

While sharing our family’s moving journey through Scott’s addiction and homosexuality we will unpack the Biblical mystery of the “Sons of God” having sex with the “daughters of men”. Discovering this mystery revealed how our understanding of homosexuality and other life issues was incorrect and caused much pain and damage. But after this new information was received, came joy, healing, restoration and renewed purpose for all of us.

Your journey may have been filled with pain and sorrow but buckle up because after this you can discover the grit and grace that empowers hope and activates miraculous changes you never expected as you move forward into living a life of joy and renewed purpose.

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Author's Name

Dr. Cliff Self

Publication Date

March 31, 2020








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