Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: From Disability to Possibility

by Hanneke Boot

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About the Book:

Hanneke Boot was born with a rare muscle disease. That hasn’t stop her living the life to the full. An amazing story ‘ ain’t no mountain high enough, from disability to possibility’. Hanneke shares her innermost thoughts and feeling and turns obstacles to challenges and she discovers an amazing will to carry-on. It’s a book full of hope, humor and inspiration. Hanneke faces a lot of challenges in her life that finds her calling in art and painting by using her mouth. She makes portraits, landscapes and more. She shares her story overcoming every day obstacles with humor and talent. An inspiring story in the first person account of how a woman with a disability with a positive attitude. Finding her passion makes all the difference her determination makes her to never give up. Her story will inspire you. Overcome challenges and follow your dreams.

Presented in diary format this memoir shares the authors challenges with a physical disability while fostering her talent for painting with her mouth.

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Author's Name

Hanneke Boot

Publication Date

june 25, 2021






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