ANCSA: Caught in the Middle

by: Robert Rude

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About the author
I was born in Flat, Alaska, in 1938. After my father, Herbert Rude died my mother moved my older sister, brother and I to Anchorage, Alaska, in 1941. I grew up in Anchorage and attended local schools until my graduation in 1957. From 1954 to 1957 I played basketball for Anchorage High School. I played in four All Alaska championships finally winning the championship in 1957. I won the sportsmanship award, set scoring records, and was chosen the most valuable high school basketball player in all Alaska in 1957.

About the book
Alaska Native Elder and author Robert Rude reviews the history of Alaska Natives from the time they encountered Russian traders in 1792 to the present time. History brings out that Alaska Natives are “Caught in the Middle” of two cultures and passage of the Alaska Native Land Claims Act (ANCSA) and amendments to the Act have put Alaska Natives into a position where they do not have same rights given to Indian tribes nor do they have the same rights as stockholders in an American corporation.

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Author's Name

Robert Rude

Publication Date

September 18, 2019




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