Anecdotes of a Pastor’s Wife

by: Elaine Smith

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About the author
Elaine Smith has been a Pastor’s wife for 46 plus years She is a graduate of Maranatha Baptist Bible College. She has three adult boys, three terrific daughters in law and eight grandchildren. She and her husband have served together in four churches, all in Wisconsin. She has traveled on numerous mission trips to Scotland, Ireland, England, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, and Mexico visiting and encouraging missionaries. She has served 24 years in the law enforcement chaplain ministry as a volunteer, mostly but not all in the jail. She home schooled then taught in private schools, and for 15 years she substituted teaching in area public schools.

About the book
There have not been many books written about what a pastor’s wife experiences. This book is written to expose some of the trials, challenges, and privileges she has gone through in such a way as to entertain you, as well as challenge, educate, inspire, and hopefully encourage you.

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Author's Name

Elaine Smith

Publication Date

July 23, 2019




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