Anger Control, the Brain, and Mindfulness

by Dr. Mark Beischel

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About the book:

Learn How to Calm Down the Brains of Angry Children and Parents

Most parents and teachers get very frustrated working with angry children. In Dr. Beischel’s latest book, Anger Control, the Brain and Mindfulness, a road map of angry children’s brains is laid out. His solutions, based on fifty years of practice as a psychologist and parent, are as old style and simple as reward and punishment and as up to date as mindfulness and meditation.
The science of this book is supplemented with many stories from Dr. Beischel’s years of work as a psychologist and parent. This will be a quick and entertaining read for parents and teachers struggling with angry children and adolescents.

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Author's Name

Dr. Mark Beischel

Publication Date

June 16, 2021






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