Are You Hungry For God?

by: Lois Windon

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About the author
The author’s life has been full of miracles since she was saved at the age of thirteen. She got married at age nineteen and then had 9 babies. After 42 years of marriage, her husband, Jim, went to heaven, and now shes had time to write this 2nd book that she calls “Are You Hungry For God” after a year that her 1st book entitled “My Walk With God” was released. Her hope is that you will be blessed by it and if you don’t have a personal relationship with God, that you will ask Him into your Life as well, and begin your Walk with God.

About the book
I have written this book entitled “Are You Hungry for God” for two reasons; it is meant to answer so many questions for those who don’t know about God and are really curious about Him and their real purpose for being on this Earth. It is also for new Christians who want a shortcut of knowledge about our wonderful God.

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Author's Name

Lois Windon

Publication Date

September 18, 2019








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