Art of More Lists

by John Nieman



About the author
John Nieman, an accomplished artist and writer, has exhibited his paintings throughout the United States and in Europe. His first book of art and poetry, Art of Lists was published in 2007. He has published two novels, The Wrong Number One and Blue Morpho. In addition, he recently published a childen’s book called The Amazing Rabbitini. Mr. Nieman lives in Dobbs Ferry, New York, and is the father of five children.

About the book
Who are the Jimmies and the regular Joes? What constitutes a hard hat or a big wheel? And come to think of it, what does it take to be a hero? In Art of More Lists, John Nieman answers these riddles and forty others. His paintings combine bold watercolor images linked with a litany of pop culture luminaries and thoughts. Each theme is accompanied by a playful, short verse that complements the topics. This sequel to Art of Lists gives a fresh presentation to our contemporary world and finds unique connections every step along the way.

Additional information

Author's Name

John Nieman

Publication Date

October 9, 2019






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