by Calum Cumming



About the author
Calum Cumming MA (Glasgow) Cert Lib Scot C Eng Dip Tefl was born in 1962. He was brought up in Scotland. BEAT is mainly the screen adaptation of Calum’s 4th book; the novel: Jack Nicholson. Calum currently lives and works in Scotland.

About the book
This is a screenplay about the love between a young married couple, Louise Lisa, an American and Jim, a Scotsman, set at Xmas time on the West Coast of America. It traces existential Journeys from the Old World in Scotland as far as Mexico. The central characters in this play have all fallen in love with the Lives,& the mythology of the Beat Generation of the 50s’& 60s’. The mobility of the screenplay is juxtaposed with the needed stability of the home. And an American writer like Saul Bellow. It examines the need for some sort of spiritual belief, social security and materialism. The Beatnik counter-culture backdrop of the piece is explored via mental and physical health and the nobility and stigma attached to the preordained natural inheritance of the USA, The Native American.

Additional information

Author's Name

Calum Cumming

Publication Date

March 10, 2020






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