August 13, 2018

by Bob E. McGlothlin (Author)

Pages: 816

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About the book

"BECOMING! A piece of canvas becomes a work of art Once the artist makes his final mark. A piece of stone becomes a sculpture Once the sculptor chips away the last chip. For a poet, A plain piece of paper becomes a priceless gem Once he finally lifts his pen. God is the artist That's painting beauty within the heart of our soul. God is the sculptor. That's chipping away at the flaws in our character To make us into His perfect image. God is the poet That would turn the plainness of our lives Into poetic praise. Contained within this volume are words of prose that were written while in the process of becoming. (ORGANIZED ALPHABETICALLY BY TITLE)"

About the author

Even though I started writing poetry in High School as a way to help me cope with struggles I had with my peers, it has become much more to me than a means to cope. My first poem was actually lyrics to a song I wrote, only today I still cannot pen musical notes to it. Though I began writing at the age of 15 years, I now have this collection you hold in your hand, that literally has become a life time of prose. I only wish I kept all my writing throughout the years now that I am published. Who knows how many pieces I lost over the years.