Bethlehem’s Brothers

by Ronald Hera

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About the author
Ronald Hera lives in a suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana and writes from his home. His writings are well documented, and he references all Biblical or historical sources. He believes it is comforting to know that the places and events are as real as the characters are fictional. You will grow to love Enoch, Simeon, Rachel, and Little Jacob along with despising evil Romans and Zealots bent on killing each other. Hang on to your seat, this is action packed!

About the book
Although set in Jesus’ time, Bethlehem’s Brothers reads like an adventure novel set in a third world country during a violent revolt. Two brothers are swept into the conflict early in their lives and struggle to find the strength to survive amidst the death and destruction. Each searches for a savior, but success eludes them until they finally discover one who has been ruthlessly hunted since he was two years old. Who is this revolutionary who challenges the status quo and should he be trusted? He talks big but is he who he claims to be? The brothers must decide. There is no teetering on the fencel

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Author's Name

Ronald Hera

Publication Date

February 19, 2020








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