Bible Sticks: An Unlikely Calling

by: Ron Vance

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About the author
Ron Vance has felt the call to ministry most of his life. He has had three ministries in two states, Ohio and Kentucky. Most recently, he has had a long ministry with the Western Hills Church of Christ in Cincinnati since 1987. He has been in associate positions in all his ministries, focused on youth and education. Ron graduated from Cincinnati Christian University with two degrees.

About the book
Bible Sticks: An Unlikely Calling is a book that illustrates more than a hobby; it describes a ministry. How often does one have the opportunity to take a simple hobby, wood carving, and use it to inspire thousands around the world? Ron has had no training and uses only an X-ACTO® knife, so it is obvious that God has called him to a very unlikely ministry. These unique carvings started out as modest teaching tools for the young people at his church. Now they are used to motivate others, not only by teaching God’s word in a most unique way, but also encouraging the listener to find their own ministry. This book is filled with photos and descriptions of the Bible Sticks, telling the story of each one. Each Bible Stick takes over a year to carve, so you can understand the detail. Bible Sticks: An Unlikely Calling is intended to teach, challenge and inspire others to find their own calling from God.

Additional information

Author's Name

Ron Vance

Publication Date

March 8, 2018








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