Billy the Bully

by Mimi Rousseau



About the author
She currently has published one children’s book (Hop, Hop, Hop…Away). She is an MCA recording artist as a singer and songwriter. She also teaches music to pre-school children. She includes a cd with music and karaoke-style to allow children to sing along. This is a book with a message about a very important issue today in our society. It is an easy read. Which is what she as an author wants it to be, as well as educational with words and music.

About the book
This book is about BULLYING. It has illustrations and meaningful words and music, to bring those who have been bullied, those who are being bullied and those who will learn how to prevent being bullied in the future.

Additional information

Author's Name

Mimi Rousseau

Publication Date

November 14, 2019




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