Blessed by Light Filled Love: The Celestial Teachings of Ashento

by Mariam Massaro

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About the author
Mariam Massaro is an avid musician, a visionary singer, songwriter and recording artist with 6 CD’s. She founded WiseWays Herbals, herbal medicine and body care line, distributed internationally, and co-founded The Blazing Star Herbal Education School, both 28 years old. She was also a homebirth midwife. Mariam now practices as a ceremonial lodge leader and spiritual minister. She is the flamboyant creatress of the Gaea Star Goddess show, directs the Gaea Star Band, and co-hosts the Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour, a webcast with over 215 shows and 70,000 listeners. She is the author of the Gaea Star Crystal, Awakening the Tribes of Light screenplay, and co-creator of the same movie soundtrack, her first CD, with Dameron Midgett. Mariam loves to perform her original music that praises, inspires and awakens our connection to Divine Source. She channels messages, from her ascended Twin Flame, Ashento. Her songs celebrate life amidst the beautiful Earth. Mariam is a devoted yogini and loves living on her peaceful organic herb farm with her llamas, and cats in Western Massachusetts.

About the book
Blessed by Light-Filled Love, the Celestial Teachings of Ashento by Mariam Massaro, is an autobiography of her awakening as a spiritual medicine healer and creatress of the arts. Mariam meets her Twin Flame, Ashento, an ascended being from the celestial realms, who has been united with her in love for eons. Ashento’s deeply spiritual teachings are heard by Mariam as a gentle voice that speaks through her waking and in her dreams. Ashento is dedicated to guiding humanity through this powerful time of great change and awakening on the Earth. This is a powerful fascinating true story of Mariam discovering how to work with spiritual inspiration to manifest a positive uplifting radiant life as a way-shower, as an open, expressive, loving happy and fulfilled being. Blessed by Light-Filled Love guides your life journey in discovering your true empowered self.

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Author's Name

Mariam Massaro

Publication Date

December 18, 2019




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