Bolshevik Legacy: The Intrasyn Conspiracy

by: Cana Naidu Bundi



About the author

Cana has lived and worked in the United Kingdom and Germany and has traveled extensively across Europe, North Africa and the Far East where the ideas for his thrillers took shape.He runs a marketing agency, but writing political thrillers is his passion. He has written, “Bolshevik Legacy-The Intrasyn Conspiracy”, “The Neptune Sequel-Aftermath of Neptune Spear”and “Beijing Islamabad Conspiracy-The Pyongyang Connection”.

“Bolshevik Legacy-The Intrasyn Conspiracy” and ”The Neptune Sequel-Aftermath of Neptune Spear” have received The Book Excellence Award in 2017 and 2018 respectively.Cana has a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

He has a Certificate in Cotton Classing & Marketing from the Memphis Cotton Exchange Cotton School, and a Certificate in Classing from the USDA, Memphis.
His other interests include building utility contraptions, one of which is a Head Side Support for use in Automobiles where he has received a UK patent GB 2331 454 B. He enjoys fishing in the seas off Srilanka, Mauritius, and India.

To connect with him you can write to

About the book
The year is 2007. The architect of the collapse of Soviet Russia, Yorbachev, and his protégé Pushkin’s, international trading conglomerate, Intrasyn, has grown with revenues in billions of dollars. Intrasyn’s members are now in positions of influence in Russia’s, Ukarain’s and Belarussian’s armed forces and the administration.

Brian Turner the chief of NATBAL reviews photographs of an undercover operation covering a safe house of Intrasyn and recognises Zhirnovsy, a key member of Intrasyn; included are reports of the assassinations of the Minister of the Interior of Belarus and the Security Chief of the Ukaraine. Suspecting a larger conspiracy, he activates Markes a western mole secreted into Russia to investigate.

Markes’s investigation and his visits to Cerkessk which witnessed a horrendous massacre, alerts Intrasyn who assign Dudayev and Yevgany seasoned ex KGB agents to liquidate Markes, and his control Amalrek. Amalrek is killed in a botched kidnapping attempt and Markes with his cover blown, is on the run forcing Brian to activate another of his moles, Zonta.

Markes with Zonta’s help enters the island headquarters of Intrasyn, hacks the mainframe and discovers the plan to assassinate the President’s of the USA, Belarus, Russia and Ukrain at the signing of a Treaty at Kiev, and the more sinister plot to invade Europe.

Can Markes and Zonta prevent the assassinations of the Presidents and expose Intrasyn’s plans to dominate the world?

Additional information

Author's Name

Cana Naidu Bundi

Publication Date

July 9, 2019




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