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Built to Last a Lifetime: Lost in the Wilderness

Built to Last a Lifetime: Lost in the Wilderness

by Dr. Ernest Matuschka, Elizabeth Durbin

About The Book

This is a novel of old Kentucky, set in the late 1700s and early 1800s, at about the time that Daniel Boone was making his reputation. It was a time when people from the eastern states were moving into the Kentucky territory and staking a claim on land, providing that they built a shelter, cleared some land and raised a crop. This is a historical novel, which means that the history and setting are accurate but the people are fictional. The dialect used in this book reflects the language style chat was spoken by the early settlers in Kentucky. It should be noted that while there is adventure in this book, there is a minimum of descriptive violence and an absence of sexual content. It was written for young readers, say from ten to adult years. It is an excellent way to read and enjoy early American History, with the intensity of a good novel.
ISBN 978-1-64376-188-6 (Paperback)
978-1-64376-189-3 (E-BOOK)
Pages 94 pages


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