CAPITALISM’S MARCH OF DESTRUCTION: Replacing it With People and Nature-Friendly Economy

by Chaitanya Davé



About the book
This book is divided into Part-I and Part-II. Part-I describes the major flaws of capitalism like how it has created massive inequality between people and amongst nations; how undemocratic this system is and how it is destroying the ecosystems of the planet while polluting the planetary atmosphere, waters of the oceans, rivers and lakes while destroying world’s forests.

Part-II tackles the solution to this catastrophic problem. It consists of various methods of how people can and should unite and fight the corporate rule by mass-boycotts, and create workers-owned cooperatives. It also describes how advanced Scandinavian countries’ economic systems and democracies are.

Ultimately, in this section, the author gives step by step description of how people can replace this destructive and obsolete system with a system that is pro-people, pro-democracy rendering justice for all.

Introduction—here the author describes the reasons and so the need for replacing the current system of capitalism with a fair and just economic system that works for all the people, and not just few rich and super-rich.

Additional information

Author's Name

Chaitanya Davé

Publication Date

April 30, 2020




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