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Chris Lynheart: Apocalyptic Revelations

Chris Lynheart: Apocalyptic Revelations

by Dalton Reutlinger

About The Book

Chris Lynheart: Apocalyptic Revalations" is a fictional based story inspired by biblical prophecies, modern media, and Japanese Anime and Manga - specifically Masashi Kishimoto's "Naruto" and "Naruto Shippuden". Chris Lynheart(Len-hart) is a young orphan who is widely rejected and treated with hostility everywhere he goes. On a daily basis, he is forced to rely on petty thievery just to have some hope of seeing tomorrow. Every day is a fight for survival, from finding food and shelter to fleeing from the law and surviving through merciless beatdowns and attempted suicides. At only the age of fourteen, Chris withstands what most could not.


Unknown to him, however, he casts a dark and deadly shadow in the form of the harbinger of death, and leads a mysterious but haunting past of unimaginable pain and suffering. It isn't until later that he discovers a terrifying truth.

Publication date August 11,2021
Language English
ISBN 978-1-63871-399-9 (Paperback)
978-1-63871-400-2 (E-BOOK)
Pages 236
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 8x10


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