April 24, 2018

by Bill Copeland (Author)

Pages: 252

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eBook $2.99

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About the book

This exciting book starts with a bang, as a California family lives through a powerful earthquake. The whole Earth is being plagued with a series of shattering earthquakes, tsunamis, and loss of life. Everyone believes it is the end of the world. A geologist, Mark, investigates the strange tectonic phenomena and discovers a mind-blowing secret under the holy Mt. Kailas in Tibet. Mark meets Kusoom, a lovely and serene leader of a cult. She tells him they are helping with the birth of a Great Being. Instead of apocalypse, the cracking up of the Earth is the opening of a Cosmic egg. Mark is skeptical until he finds that astronomy graduate students have discovered what they believe is a massive blue comet that is communicating with the emerging creature. As the Cosmic Swan is revealed, powerful forces try to destroy what they see as a monster. Mark and his Tibetan friends struggle to save the emerging creature with the help of the one, mistaken for a comet, who left the egg there millennia before.

About the author

"Bill Copeland started writing because he wanted to be more creative than the usual tech writing job demanded. Cosmic Swan Publishing grew from there, providing professional, high quality, books, poems and videos.

Copeland used to work in The NASA Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, TX. There, he saw images of the earth and moon, and he decided he wanted to write about them due to his love of astronomy. Bill is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.