Cosmic Visions Within the Microcosm of My Right Hemisphere: A New Theory on the Functions of Black Holes and the Development of the Cosmic Brain

by: Vincent L. Di Paolo



About the author
Vincent L. Di Paolo is a well-known archaeological artist, educator, scientist and writer. He has been fascinated with the cosmos since his first Cosmology course in 1966; and, he has been studying the human brain since 1980. He studied at Saint Joseph Teacher’s College, at Loyola, at McGill University, at University of Virginia in Northern Virginia and at George Mason University. He has taught physics, chemistry, algebra, geometry, world history and geography, physical education, ESOL and fine arts from 1970 to 2015. As an artist, Vincent has produced hundreds of paintings, ink drawings, bronze sculptures, and over two thousands aquatints and lithographs since 1954. He has done over seventy art shows and his work is found in over thirty countries. Many of his shows were for children’s benefits (to raise money for hospitals and schools). He has traveled extensively exploring and painting ancient ruins and animals in their habitats throughout the world. Since 1980 he has been studying and researching on how the brain develops and how it learns, on the differentiated myelinations between boys and girls, and how nutrition affects myelin production, neurotransmitters, learning, memory and longevity. He has practiced martial arts (Judo, Wing Chun and Tae-kwon-do) since 1963. He is also a mountaineer and rock-climber. Presently, he is writing “Children of Yahweh”, the sequel to his “My Beloved Friend, Judas”. He is also working on the following novels: “Angel of Light”, “Orion”, “The Secret of Sierra Madre de Dios”, and “Kit Carson and the Amulet of the Gods”. He is divorced and lives in Northern Virginia with Joey and Abigail, his beautiful little Shih-tzu and gorgeous Calico cat. He has two adult children, Alexandra and David.

About the book
“What happens to the information of a star system when it enters a galactic black hole?” Stephen Hawking “What are the functions of black holes?” “What is the probability of other intelligent planets within our universe?” “How did the human brain develop? Where does intelligence come from?” “How does myelin permit higher learning?” “Did the Supreme Being create the cosmos? And where is the Supreme Being now?” ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE ARE ANSWERED IN THIS BOOK! A MUST READ FOR ALL WHO SEEK HIGHER INTELLIGENCE!!!

Additional information

Author's Name

Vincent L. Di Paolo

Publication Date

June 4, 2019




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