Courage of the Heart: An American Odyssey 1915 to 1923

by Christine Chatterton



About the author
Christine Chatterton is an artist, author, poet, and teacher. She has taught reading improvement and special education for almost thirty years in every grade level from elementary to college. She writes from her heart, telling the stories of her life and family. She has also written and illustrated a children’s book entitled “Samuel’s Alphabet Zoo” as well as a humorous memoir of growing up in Detroit, “The Kids on Ford Street”. She is currently writing a continuation of the Chatterton family saga, taking place from Russia to China to America. She now divides her time between writing, painting, making jewelry, visiting classrooms and giving science and cultural lessons, and enjoying her family.

About the book
The author, Christine Chatterton, has written a true historical narrative of World War I based on the letters found in the house of her husband’s grandmother after her death. This is an intimate account of two families and three brothers from western Illinois, each facing the Great War in uniquely different ways. It is the extraordinary love story of Haidee Wilson and Maurice Chatterton, written in their own words, spanning the years from 1915 until 1923. This is an odyssey of courage, hardship, war, death, illness, and finally, survival and a love that endured. This is an American Odyssey.

Additional information

Author's Name

Christine Chatterton

Publication Date

April 7, 2020








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