Crystal Traveler: Book 1 of the Crystal Message Chronicles

by Breighton Dawe, Kathleen Dawe

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About the book
A love story stretching across time, Crystal Traveler takes the reader from the present day to the last days of Atlantis, then forward again through myth and history. Modern scientist Ta-rel, caught in a mysterious crystal generated time portal, finds himself thrust into the midst of plots and intrigues within a society far removed from the world he knew. Trying to discover how and why he was teleported back through time, Ta-rel must first learn to operate within a society with amazing similarities yet very different gifts and challenges than his time.
Ta-rel finds support and guidance from Lyra, High Priestess of the Temple of the Moon, and together they grow and discover their souls connection and their destiny, falling in love in the process. As the world of Atlantis begins to disintegrate around them, they rush to merge Ta-rels scientific understanding with Atlantian vibrational technology to arrive at an answer with profound history-changing implications, for both Atlantis and today’s world. But can Ta-rel and Lyra together outwit the political intrigue and celestial interference that plagues Atlantis during its final days? What are the implications to our world if Ta-rel and Lyra succeed?

Crystal Traveler engages the reader in the epic story of the final days of Atlantis, with uncanny parallels and lessons for today’s world. Modern and classical research is combined with the author’s personal visions and past life memories to create a believable, compelling, and detailed account of this period of global upheaval and change, sweeping the reader into a world of intrigue, mystery, and expanded consciousness.

This first book of the Crystal Message Chronicles series will fill you with the wonders of a forgotten age, and take you into the challenges of a postdiluvian world related in Crystal Rescue, the next installment of this exciting series.

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Author's Name

Breighton Dawe, Kathleen Dawe

Publication Date

October 17, 2019





2 reviews for Crystal Traveler: Book 1 of the Crystal Message Chronicles

  1. CR

    If you are into conscious evolution of all sentient beings on Earth and elsewhere, empowering all through earth energies, especially with crystals, and the reality of all beings’ paranormal abilities and how they can be developed and nurtured, AND the development of a love based society, then this is a book you will adore! Very intriguing, complex, multi-leveled story of the spiritual reality of our human choices and our numerous spiritual and emotion capabilities that are only lightly developed and supported in most of current human societies on this planet!
    This book has given me the clarity of so many aspects of myself that I have yet to develop and I am creating a major shift in my focus to live a loving, playful, graceful life every day . . . . ALL day! An incredible reminder of all the joy we can create consciously within and with others and our precious planet! HIGHLY RECOMMEND you journey into this alternate reality and see what powers YOU can develop for a joyous life and to help our societies evolve strongly and quickly to heal the planet and make the shift with it to the Fifth Dimension of a society of love, peace and conscious evolution!!

  2. CR Rylan

    If you are seeking a book of unique empowerment and wisdom and joy with a setting in Atlantis, crystal healing and energy, and a society of humans with high developed paranormal abilities, then you will adore this book!

    Very well written, complex, with strong development of its characters and high action, this book is truly a page turner. You’ll cruise through its length with far greater ease and less time than you might imagine! I await the sequel to see what happens to all the characters and the result of the interaction of our present day reality and the Atlantian one!!

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