Dangerous Mission, Book Five

by Clark Selby

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About the Book:

Tom Parker, retired Army Colonel and CIA Agent, called back into action by the President after American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan, killed by Afghanistan troops working with the CIA. Was it an accident or was it something else?
Tom had a price on his head by al-Qaeda, he wasn’t safe anywhere in the world, as he would find out just trying to get to Afghanistan.
Tom and his wife, Jenny where sent to find out what happened, only to have Tom wounded after questioning al-Garde, the man who was in charge of the Afghan troops.
After Jenny lost her first husband, she was never going to be a widow again. If Tom went on a mission, she was going.
Jenny wasn’t just Tom’s wife, she was a lawyer and a Hong Kong billionaire. The CIA had to protect the Company, so if she was killed, she had to be just another CIA Agent killed in the line of duty.
Tom wasn’t even safe in the US Army Hospital in Kabul. So the CIA moved him to an old friend’s castle in Afghanistan, Warlord Omar. While there, Tom devised a plan to get al-Garde and his men using Jenny and himself as the bait in the trap.
Al-Garde was not an easy one to get. Now, the chase was on, and the only clue Tom had was that al-Garde was going to an island like no other island in the world.
Where could that be? Then Tom remembered that there was a small island in Michigan, where they didn’t allow any motorized vehicles. That had to make it unique in the world. It even had a very famous old Grand Hotel, could that be where al-Garde went? The only way to know was to go there. So Tom did.
Arriving on a 21st Century jet on Mackinac Island, Tom boarded a 19th Century horse drawn- carriage to make his way to the Grand Hotel. Was this really the island that was unlike any other island in the world that al-Garde talked about? If so, how would he even know about it?

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Author's Name

Clark Selby

Publication Date

August 17, 2021






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