Darkness and Light: A New Beginning

by Kyle Hoy



About the author
Currently residing in Omaha, NE. I first started writing to escape my daily stresses, and eventually, I developed a love for creating stories, characters and new worlds. In 2014, it was my dream to write a book, and published my first book in 2015. Through all my stories, I hope this will inspire others to reach for their dreams no matter how far away they might seem.

About the book
The Darkness ripped Argus out of the sky; not only did Argus fall, but so did Auron. Akina devastated by the loss of her beloved Lightmate, Auron, knows she must stay strong and lead the others. With the Darkness infiltrating Terra, Akina is tasked to lead the surviving Omans, and decides the only way to preserve their future is to abandon Terra and return to Sonos. But when Argus was ripped out of the sky, their ship destroyed. Without having a way off Terra, it looks like the fate of the Omans is sealed…

Additional information

Author's Name

Kyle Hoy

Publication Date

February 20, 2020








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