Deadly Diversions Four : The Agitated Pariah (Outcast)

by Ronald M. Bullock

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About the author
When working as heavy goods driver class 1 in 1972, Ronald Bullock began writing the first book of his series, Deadly Diversions. But having little spare time to write, it was 1999 before it was published. The publisher turned out to be a vanity publisher. The same thing happened again when the book was published in New York in 2009. He cancelled the contract in 2013. Finally, Ronald self-published with PageTurner Press and Media and has also had his second and third books in the series published in 2020. Ronald has just completed book 4 in the series Deadly Diversions. All of the books are fast moving, action thrillers.

About the book
Members of the Paranormal Investigation Project are on another quest—this time, to find a missing heiress. But things are far more dangerous for the members of the project led by psychic medium Jenny Sylvester and her daughters, Christine and Jackie. Attempts at ending the lives of Jenny and her daughters are made by an evil man trying to keep his activities hidden from the project members and the police (a fast-moving/action-packed drama).

Additional information

Author's Name

Ronald M. Bullock

Publication Date

April 24, 2020








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