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Deep Well

Deep Well

by JP Fox

About The Book

The characters who become unwittingly involved in the present day drama are shaped by an event that occurred many decades earlier. Over time, the tragedy became an ‘unfortunate accident’, later turned into hazy hearsay and rumour, until finally it no longer inspired gossip. Only one person kept it alive. Joseph
witnessed the atrocity on his special friend Rachel, barely fourteen. Joseph died from wounds to his mind and body by the carnage of WW II. Before he died he told his son and had him promise to do one good thing for the Jacobs’ family. Just one good thing. One good thing that might make up for some of the loss
the Jacobs suffered all those years ago.

The boy grew up and made good his promise to his father Joseph Barker. It was no coincidence that Joseph’s son, Jack Murphy, came to work for Keith Jacobs. By helping Keith Jacobs with a gift of money, Joseph’s grown son helped to save his business, Horse Trail and Track. In turn the good deed helped Keith’s son Rory and his wife Sally.

And one more thing. When Keith came home from a trip to Sydney he brought a corpse with him. The body of a young girl was placed in the back of his utility vehicle in Carstair’s Lane and discovered only when he arrived home. Jack Murphy persuaded the man to say nothing; Instead they would hide the body
in the well. It was to be their secret. It was also one good thing Joseph would have wanted for the Jacobs’ family, the gospel according to Jack, his son.

On a day when nothing worse could be expected, Keith Jacobs’ heart failed.

One situation where Jack was unable to help the family came when Sally disappeared. After the traumatic pain on losing both her newly-born twins, Sally Jacobs fell victim to deep depression. Into the night she raced on her beloved horse Anna-belle. Now missing and the police investigating, her husband Rory becomes the prime suspect of foul play.

Enter the father of the teenager found in Keith’s truck (BJ Stollard, an excellent detective forced into
retirement by his bosses). The angry man pursues his vocation privately; he arrives at the Jacobs’ property unannounced.

The saga ends with the appearance of Elayne Stollard, one of the young women in Carstair’s Lane on that
night of tragedy fatale.


The night is cold and wet. The morbid pain left by the deaths of her twin baby girls finally overhauls Sally Jacobs’ emotions. Mentally distraught she disappears into the night; her horse Annabelle is gone. The police are suspicious of the old well. Her husband, Rory, is the prime suspect.

Publication date April 09,2022
Language English
ISBN 979-8-88622-185-5 (Paperback)
979-8-88622-186-2 (E-BOOK)
Genre Mystery/Crime
Pages 296
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 5.500" x 8.500" (216mm x 140mm)


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