Destiny: Quest for a New World (Book 1)

by Donald M. Edwards

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About the author
Donald Edwards has had a growing interest in the sciences, both real and fictional for many years. He received a Master Degree in Physics from California State University-Fresno, a Master Degree in Education from Oklahoma State University-Ada and a Bachelor Degree from Oklahoma University. He has been active in science and mathematics education and has attended many science workshops and conventions. Don Edwards is a retired science and math teacher of 37 years.

Since his retirement, he has had a desire to write a science related fiction book, based on a project he developed for his high school physics and physical science classes. He enjoys reading science fiction, mystery and historical nonfiction books while drinking a good strong cup of coffee from his around-the-world selection of coffee beans. He also keeps abreast of the latest developments and research on line. As a native Oklahoman of Choctaw Indian heritage, he has a keen interest in Native American history, culture and literature.

Don and his beautiful, adorable wife Virginia, of 54 years, now make their home in Clovis, California. They enjoy spending time with their two children and their spouses and their six grandchildren.

About the book
Destiny Quest for a New World A journey of intrigue, romance, and danger at the end of the twenty-first century. Earth was rapidly running out of natural resources. Its population was exploding, leaving humankind with a sense of hopelessness. The world was struggling to recover from an economic collapse and the devastation of a recent multinational war. But the Committee, a powerful clandestine financial group of forward-thinking individuals, was determined that humankind would survive. They chose an upward-bound individual to select and oversee the training of a team of highly intelligent young men and women to begin a monumental venture. They would establish a human colony beyond a monumental venture. They would establish a human colony beyond Earth’s solar system with the purpose of securing the future of human civilization. Grant Wickham and his colleague Alexis Lambert, a former college sweetheart, would accept the challenge. Under the guidelines of the Committee, these two diligent and motivated collaborators developed an extensive selection criterion. This specially selected team received extensive academic and technical training. Eric Devile, the chosen team commander, would lead the group on their journey into uncharted space, assisted by Albert, a state-of-the-art supercomputer that navigates the ship and attempts to keep the team out of danger. They would face many challenges and demands that threaten the success of their mission, causing Eric and the team to doubt whether humanity can ever root itself on an alien planet. A realistic look at mankind’s first journey to another world!

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Author's Name

Donald M. Edwards

Publication Date

October 24, 2019






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