June 18, 2018

by Mary McNaughton (Author)

Pages: 234

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About the book

Robbed, Dr. Jessica Tinker's innocence was stolen like a thief in the night. She was sexually assaulted one night after leaving a party attended by a large crowd of doctors.

Tinker is fearless and brilliant as she relentlessly searches for the rapist with a tattoo of a Bald Eagle on his shoulder. This, however, opens a floodgate of crimes upon her when a child traffickers abduct her child.

Can the law enforcement with their serious efforts help Jessica find her child just in time? Or will she get in trouble when she plunges into uncertainty undertaking this search on her own?

About the author

Mary M. McNaughton, a Canada native, is a nurse practitioner, writer, and speaker on health issues. She has spent considerable time in Central America providing health care to help fight poverty and disease. In addition to her nurse practitioner certification, Mary has degrees in nursing and education. Her other interests include watercolor painting, drawing, hiking and golfing. Mary has one son and a grandson. She lives in Eugene, Oregon, with one beautiful Bengal cat.