El Chico Crocodilo: El Regreso De La Maldición

by Efrain E. Martinez

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About the author
Efrain Martinez is a new up coming author and illustator. His works include colorful and exciting artwork that leave’s the imagination in awe. With the success of his first book The Alligator Boy, He plans on bringing more explosive tales of morality to life, Hoping to inspire people worldwide and to find their inner creativity and compassion for one another.

About the book
Oh no here we go again! The sequal to The Alligator Boy, has arrived. What trouble has our heroes gotten themselves in this time? Why is Gus an Alligator again? And who is this new villianous witch? Find out in this new colorful story with new characters and new lesson’s to learn. The Alligator Boy: Return Of The Curse, a must read.

Additional information

Author's Name

Efrain E. Martinez

Publication Date

April 7, 2020






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