Elva’s Master: The Coburg Chronicles

by Warren Downing

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About the book
Given to the Masters as part of the agreement at the surrender of the Kingdom of Ari, Elva must learn to survive amongst those who see her as little more than food. Brought up to revere the old gods by her mother, can her faith in an outlawed religion help her to survive in situations she never dreamed of?

After proving her worth as a living being, she must navigate the political world of the Masters where one wrong move could not only result in her own death but also that of everyone she knows. At the same time, she cannot be seen as purely a tool of the Masters as this will alienate her family and friends. Meanwhile, those who govern the Masters seek to use Elva for their own advantage, a pawn that can be sacrificed when it has outlived its usefulness.

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Author's Name

Warren Downing

Publication Date

December 3, 2020








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