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Evolution: New Human Abilities: Blugee, Book 1 of 4

Evolution: New Human Abilities: Blugee, Book 1 of 4

by Edward Morse

  • Paperback $11.99

  • eBook $2.99

About The Book

"When a handful of young runners who call themselves the Blugees, along with their coach, happen upon a strange blue tree in a wilderness stripped of any living creatures, they have no idea the incident will change their lives forever. After being covered in a blue pollen-like dust and blacking out, they all come to and return to their normal routines. But they soon find that each of them has new special abilities that will allow them to defend themselves—and the world—from untold dangers. As the runners begin to learn to use their new skills, they encounter unusual people and amazing events that alter the course of human history, even going so far as to experience time travel. But in order to keep themselves safe, they will have to work together and build on the gifts that have been given to them. In this science fiction novel, these young runners and their coach struggle with their special abilities to protect themselves and the planet. But that’s just the beginning! See what else they face."

Publication date
ISBN 978-1-948304-51-1 (Paperback)
Pages 278 pages
Interior Color
Book Size inch


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